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VAC Ban confusion.

Activision Anthology

Recently I noticed I was banned from one of your games (Activision) Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 (Multiplayer & Zombies, I didn't know why and I contacted Steam Support, still haven't gotten an answer yet but when doing so I noticed that they recommended talking to you guys regarding this matter. I've researched this topic quite a lot as first it scared me quite a bit as I was quite confused. Even if evidence checks out they can't lift the ban, or so they say. I love the companies games as they are thrilling and competitive but I was wondering; at the least why can't I play offline with bots? I don't want to connect into online anyways, I can't. If there is a possible turnaround will there be a possible exception? And if so when? Banned or not this (I believe) is a pressing matter as there should be the offline separate as we should not need to connect online. I spent 100$ dollars on this title with only about 13 hours and It all goes down the drain. You guys are better than this so I trust that you will make a quick reply. Thank you with best regards.

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Hey there,

Sorry to hear you were banned by Steam, but they have their own enforcement and security policies. You can try to take it up with them, like you already have, but a VAC ban is completely done by Valve. However, even if it were an Activision ban, bans are irreversible and are not discussed on the forums. Head here to check out more information on VAC bans by Steam.



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