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Please update Lost Treasures of Infocom for iOS 11%21 I wanna keep playing classics on my phone%21

Activision Anthology

I didn’t know what other forum to put this in, so my apologies, but please update the iOS App Lost Treasures of Infocom to iOS 11! I really want to play all the Zork games and be able to save my progress. After, if you could also update the app not only to work with current generations, but to look good as well, myself along with many others would be thrilled!

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Registered: ‎16-03-2018

Unfortunately, this company clearly couldn't care less what its customers want or think.  I am here to request the same thing but guess what?  There's literally no option whatsoever to contact the company regarding Lost Treasures about anything.  They don't want to hear from us.  And if you go to other message boards in the forum where people post about it, the posts go back over a year and all conversation has been from people like us who just want a working app.  Never a single reply from anyone from Activision to even acknowledge that they've heard our request.  I think we should all get together and do a class action lawsuit since they've taken our money but won't let us use our purchases.

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Registered: ‎07-08-2018
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