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Little Big Adventure 2 / Twinsen's Odyssey

Activision Anthology

There was this game  by Activision in the 90s called Little Big Adventure 2 (year 1997, i think). A Super Mario 64/Zelda: Ocarina of Time kind of game. It was really cool. It was all in 3D and you had to put some thought in it. You got tasks, like in Zelda. I always thought this would be a great game to relaunch. I thought maybe it would be a good thing for the XBox team to develop it.  Does anyone know if there are any plans or maybe under Windows?? That would be so cool (This is the end of the game, almost like a movie-->

This was the game's intro Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's Odyssey - YouTube

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Man, that's too bad that no one that should read this topic will really read it.

I came here to talk exactle about that. Little Big Adventure 2 was what I played the most in my childhood. And technically speaking, it's an awesome game, where you really need to put your brain to work to get things done, and I really miss that kind of games nowadays.

I would love to see it remastered or a remake for the current generation, or even a simple game for PC.

Anyway, I know no one from Activision that would make a difference will read this, but it's one of the greatest games ever and I would love to play again with high quality graphics, sounds and improved level design and game design.

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