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Anthology - buying games doesnt work

Activision Anthology


I downloaded Activision Anthology for Android, but the app does not allow me to buy games, when you choose to buy it does nothing. Wrote to the support address listed in the Google Play Store and I got a canned answer redirecting me here...


Please do something, dont let this game die...


Developer Codemistics also cant do anything as the publisher Activison is responsible to push updates...


here they answer:

by CodeMystics » Thu Dec 01, 2016 3:57 pm


Sadly, Activision is not actively maintaining Activision Anthology anymore. In 2014, Google decommissioned the in-app purchasing system that Activision Anthology used. Apps like Activision Anthology required an update after that in order to continue to use in-app purchasing. As Activision is the publisher, they exclusively control the ability to update the app. As the publishing team at Activision that oversaw our development has been disbanded, there is no one left for us to contact to push an update. We are sad to see the support for this app fade away, but are unfortunately not in a position to do anything to rectify it.

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