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    Looking to start or join a competitive clan/team (XB1)

      Hey everyone,


      I'll get straight down to it. I want to join or start a small competitive clan/team to play both clan wars and get into Gamebattles and stuff like that. By small, I mean around 10 players or less. I've played Gamebattles since Black Ops 2, so I know what I'm doing. Pub matches are slight and I'll wreck just about anybody, at any time. My K/D is 1.4, and yes, I know that's awful, but I play mostly solo CvC with garbage teammates so that's why. In pubs, I consider a 2.5 K/D a bad game for me. Normal games are more like 3.0-4.0 K/D. I only want to play with people that are good, know all callouts (at least on comp maps), are mature, and play with teamwork and strategy. If you aren't good, don't reply.


      So here's the deal. If you have a small group of competitive players already in place that fit this description, get in contact with me, and I guarantee that I'll improve your squad. If there's any other people that are running solo and want to make a team like this, get back to me, and we'll get things rolling and dominate. I want this team to carry over into Advanced Warfare, so if you aren't going to have Advanced Warfare on the Xbox One on release day, don't reply.


      GT: GoldEagleX12