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    Where do I report a clan that is boosting??

      We played in the last clan wars and did well in my opinion.


      Firstly we took 4 nodes on the first day, then we ran out of games on the server because we cant play international lobbies from South Africa!! or if we do we lag our selfs to death!!


      Then on the second day 2 clans just took all the nodes in minutes, on the Saturday those 2 clans just disappeared from the app and we took the nodes back. I suspect that those 2 clan where boosting!


      On the final day, Monday there was another clan that was far behind on nodes and points that took all the nodes and build up a fairly strong defence.


      the only way they could have done that in my opinion was if they where boosting or they had double the amount of players in the clan then we had.


      Question 1: are we playing against clans with the same amount of members? We where 13 members but it felt like we where playing against 25 Members.


      Question 2: Where can I report this. I took screen caps on my app as proof.


      Question 3: What measures are in place for clans that boost?


      Question 4: If the game lobbies are selected via region and connection types? why are we playing against international teams that get tripple the amount of lobbies.


      beachheadstudio @beachheadstudio please assist. I have send a tweet no answer.

      We need answers please help!! I can supply screen grabs from app

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          Re: Where do I report a clan that is boosting??

          1:  You were playing against clans of the same size.  See here for an explanation:  Clan War Division Brackets and Roster Locks

          2:  I doubt they were boosting, but you can report a cheating clan to @ATVIAssist or @treybeachhead

          3:  Clans caught boosting can recieve a penalty of -666 cp.  Games with same clan members on both teams wont count wins.  Games that end too quickly dont count for wins.

          4:  Region is the primary factor in matchmaking. If there is no one to match you with in your region, the search is expanded until a game can be found. This means if there is no one playing near you, you may be playing in game lobbies with players on the other side of the world.


          I hope that answers some of your questions.


          Good luck

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              Re: Where do I report a clan that is boosting??

              Ok thank you for all the answers!


              That then means we where up against a cheating clan.


              I have send tweets to both @ATVIAssist or @treybeachhead received zero response up to now.


              I have to say my entire clan is very disappointed with the outcome, at the end of the clan wars some of our members had streaks of between 15 and 30 games won, yet we where unable to stop the other clan from wining us.


              Q1: is it possible to view how the other clan won from beachhead side?


              hope someone can answer this?

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