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    Roster lock, Wins in Clan Wars

      I'm under the impression that the clan rosters are locked 24 hours before the start of a clan war, and only members in the clan before the lock count for wins.  After the clan war started (Gold Division) we added new members, and it seems like these members wins were counting for us.


      For example, we had a party of 6 clan members, 4 were in before the roster lock, 2 were in after the lock.  When we won a game, it was counting as 6 wins, therefore seeming like all members wins were counting.


      Keep in mind, we have a small clan, so I know nobody else was online playing, and we hadn't kicked any of the pre-lock members before this happened.  Here's my questions:


      1)When do the rosters TRULY lock for bronze-platinum?

      2)Is there anywhere we can see the size of our clan(counting members) and the size of the clans we are competing against?

      3)If these post-lock members wins are counting for us, doesn't that give us somewhat of an unfair advantage, or vice-versa if the other clans recruit heavier than us?