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    How do I get more Clan Members?


      I just created a Clan called the Tech N9ne Unit and I need people on my roster. How do I get more?


      Add me: PSN = SickSInce87

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          Your best bet is to post this thread on the Clan recruitment forum on this website GHOSTS CLAN RECRUITMENT. There you can post information about your clan, what your requirements may be for joining- things like having and using a mic, expectations regarding clan war involvement, etc.  You are allowed to "bump"  your thread every 24 hrs to keep it up in front of everyone ( just find your thread  and reply to it by typing bump or something) Invite players that you encounter in your online play that have the similar styles you are looking for to join your clan. One of the forum members has created a "clan recruiting guide" that you may find helpful- give it a read. I will try to post a link to it shortly- good luck  and have fun building your clan!