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    Looking for 4v4 based clan

      Looking for a 4v4 competitive based clan that plays Gbs, CvC, Scrims, ect. Im 10th prestige, have a 1.5 kd and am regularly on after 4 pm (due to work). I run an aggressive smg, i'm a slayer (but also play the obj )and experienced when it comes to 4s (i know callouts, strats and spawns). Honestly, im currently in a pub clan that ive tried to turn into more 4v4 focused clan which hasn't worked out and am looking for some people to grind out some 4v4s and Gbs with. 2 others are also leaving the clan that are 10th prestige and have above a 1.4kd and are looking for the same thing. One is a solid Ar and the other is a good support slayer (filling in where hes needed, can run both ar and smg + play the obj). Hmu on here or on xbl if your interested.

      gamertags are Chuck Is Clutch (me)



      also, we are not squeekers