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    extinction bugs

      i love this game mode and really enjoy playing it but it keeps getting worse and worse if played it since it first came out and have started noticing a load of bugs in the game so i thought i would make a page so hopfully some one would read it and try to fix them i will start with PoC me and two friends have literately just finished a game where the scorpion gas hurt us two or three times as much as a rhino did, second and last one is the leaper challenge if you shoot it with out noticing it can leave the map and make you fail straight away, night fall every thing does a lot more damage to the drill compared to the other maps and to when it first came out and every now and again when you get to the first area if you destroy the venom x hive first a rhino will brake thought the wall and let you into the breeder area if your hole team jumps down you are traped and the breeder will not spawn, in mayday does not really have any that i have seen but awakening i have had rounds when it would give me the challenge for killing 20 with pistols and it has only spawned in 10 iv had its where in the side paths it starts with a scorpion then a mammoth then rhino and then mammoth and in the next game it will be one rhino and three mammoths which on solo i would say is a bit to far, the gargoils can also go into the walls and the bombers can fly stight through walls to get to you,and i have found two that happen on every map hypno knives can go thorugh rhinos some times and if you put a bouncing betty to close to the drill it can damage, like on night fall i had the challenge for dont let the drill go below 50% the bouncing betty blew up when it was at 60ish% and it came up with failed challenge and we fails the game at the same time, if any one else has noticed any please leave a comment so people know about it and it might get fixed