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    Another case of server unavailable at this time.

      I have just bought CoD Ghosts for PS4 today. I have tried all day to be able to connect and play online but all it gives me is "The Call of Duty: Ghosts server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/ghosts/status for updates."


      I have read a lot of threads on here and still after a full day of playing with settings, still not closer to making it work. The servers on the web page where always saying Defcon 5.


      I have tried:

      -both wired and wireless connection.

      -setting the static IP in the router and/or in the PS4.

      -uPnP only.

      -Port Fowarding only

      -DMZ only

      -uPnP, Port Fowarding and DMZ at the same time.

      -the wired connection straight from the modem to the ps4 (skipping the router)

      -rebooting modem, router, ps4.


      At all time I had Nat Type 2, except when I plugged the modem directly to the PS4, it was Type 1.


      The PSN works fine, everything work fine except CoD that wont connect ever.


      I really need help...

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          Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

          That's odd. I'm actually playing right now and I don't get any error messages. Have you also tried other PSN accounts then check if you would be able to connect using them? Also, try to sign out your email from your PS4 then relogin. Also, do you have a PS plus subscription?

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            Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

            Ive been playing today, but I am getting the same server error.  I'm on ps network, and everything else works; just not cod.

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              Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

              I'm on Ps3 , always play no problem  until this afternoon  i got the same error  call of duty server is not available at this time

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                  Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

                  Exactly. That is why I waited some, then tried other settings and then waited again. After a day, I am pretty sure the server was not downed all this time. But I know for a fact that other people in same town and same ISP it works, and most of my friends across the world it works too. And when they look at the map of the regions playing, my zone is lite up.

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                  Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

                  Your NAT type for the PS is normal.

                  PS NAT is a tricky one. The only way to get NAT 1 is to directly hook the PS to modem (no router).

                  Most folks should have NAT 2. Alarm bells if you have NAT 3.


                  What you are concerned with is your in-game NAT type. You want it to be Open,,, not moderate or definitely not Strict.


                  Notes: Do not use uPnp, PF, DMZ together.

                  Make sure you are using the correct ports for your console

                  Achieving Open NAT - port numbers included. Ghosts V2


                  All the info you need is in the above link. The how to's are in the "additional resources" at the bottom.

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                      Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

                      I have seen your link already in another thread, although it was V1. I had followed everything it said. So when I saw the V2, I got excited that it might have more. I have followed it too and tried it twice to make sure I did not have weird bug or mistakes. It still does not let me in.


                      The problem at the moment is that I do not care about my NAT type being open or not. I can't even get to the screen that tells me this information since I can't connect to the server. If I get to that page, I will gladly work on getting it to Open.


                      I know that using multiple functions at the same time (uPnP, port and DMZ) is not a good thing, but like you see in my original post, I had already tried separately and this was kind of a why not test it in case.


                      Since I have just gotten the game and not even done any single player yet, I decided to try and wipe the data and save data and reinstall. It did from the disk then the update got downloaded, but it still is not working.


                      I am at a loss of what to do to get this working.

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                          Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

                          can you let us know what your modem / router set up is ?

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                              Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

                              No clue if that is what you want to know, but here I go.


                              It's an Arris modem model TMG602G/115 connected with a wire to a D-Link DlR-655 router. The router have a wired connection to my PC and PS4 and wireless connection to several other devices. Before I had to do anything to this router because of the current problem, I had no idea really about the uPnP checkbox function, so it was on and for my main PC I had port fowarding for my main applications. All devices connected to it always were put on static ip through mac address recognition. Everything always worked like that for no exceptions except CoD at the moment. Right now I have left it over night on no uPnP, nothing getting port fowarded anywhere and DMZ active on the PS4 to see if it would maybe pick up by luck today. With this morning test I can say it didn't. I have checked and rechecked that I really have PS+ and the server are up.


                              Edit: Oh and it is a Cable internet connection if it helps anything.

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                                  Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

                                  Your router has a DHCP  server and DHCP reservation, right.

                                  I'm assuming you have the DHCP server enabled.


                                  When you then create a Static IP for your PS4 --> the IP must be outside of the range of the DHCP server, otherwise you will cause an IP conflict (port forwarding and dmz functionality will not work)


                                  for example

                                  If your DHCP server range is  -->

                                  Then you would want to give your PS4 a Static IP of  (ie. something above 199)


                                  So --> In your PS4, create Static IP of,,, marry this up in your DHCP reservation


                                  Does the above make sense to you ?


                                  ................................................................................ .......................

                                  The reason I asked the above question of modem and router is that some folks can have a modem/router combo which they then attach another router to ,, which if not set up correctly will cause a double NAT = bad news.  But, seems you are good to go.

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                                      Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

                                      Still nothing.


                                      Here is how I set it up, just to see if I made an error along the way.


                                      In the router the rage is from 100 to 199

                                      I have checked the box to enable DMZ and put it to 230.


                                      In the PS4, I have gone to set up LAN and manually inputed the data.


                                      IP address           (address we decided)

                                      Subnet Mask       

                                      Default Gateway    (router)

                                      Primary DNS        

                                      Secondary DNS     (Google public DNS)

                                      MTU                              Automatic

                                      Proxy                             Not used


                                      And just to make sure, when you say power cycling in your post, you are talking about unplugging the device for like 30 sec right?

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                                          Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

                                          power cycling --> yes.  For both console and router.


                                          Here's the thing. DMZ should be last resort. If port forwarding works, dmz should work visa versa.


                                          make sure upnp is off. disable dmz.

                                          you have a Static IP set now though your reservation --> looks right.

                                          now set up your port forwards. (make sure you are using the PS4 ports)


                                          Also note ,, when it comes to ports ,,,  a singular port can only be PF to one device.I say this just in case you have PF set up for other devices, ie your PC, which share a Ghosts PS4 port.


                                          ................................................................................ ...........

                                          There is not much more I can help you out on. Honestly you have the information. Hopefully it is something a bit silly that is cocking it up for you.

                                          If you are still having problems.... Ring D-link (their number will be on the box). They should be able to help you. That router is a gigabit router, so you can;'t of had it too long. Thus, fingers crossed, your D-link support should be free. I've had a D-link in the past and they were good to help with.    Hey, It could just be that your router needs to be updated.


                                          ................................................................................ .................

                                          On the odd occasion problems that you are experiencing is due to the server side, ie Ghosts. But, I don't see enough reports to see that the PS4 Ghosts server is on the fritz. Thus, my belief is that you just need to get your connection up and running.


                                          Believe me, I know this can be a pain in the butt sometimes.

                                          However, I'm confident you can get up and running

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                                              Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

                                              I have done it many times, but just for kicks I have done it again. Port fowarded everything back to PS4. And yes to answer the question, I have always taking off all other port fowarding on the PC even if it was not a port that it was using.


                                              Also called D-Link and checked with them. All is set up as it should and the firmware is up to date.


                                              At this point, all I can say is that it really is not on my end. It is either their servers or maybe the routing that my ISP takes. But yesterday I called to check and it would seem that none of the tech support know anything about anything... Tried to talk about tracert and ping and they would be like "Huh? I have checked on my PC and it says your connection is working." So I don't think I will get any help on that front


                                              I thank you for your patience and time to try and help me, but like you said it is probably at the end of your technical knowledge. Now if only Tech support would kick in and try to figure something out, else I guess I will have to ask a refund on the game.

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                                  Re: Another case of server unavailable at this time.

                                  Hey. I just found a link that you can check, Activision Support . Also, you can try to set your console to primary and then restore your license. Hope that helps

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