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    It’s tough being an Extinction noob

      Yesterday I decided to create a new PSN account and started a new profile just for kicks. Even though I was using a mic; people still avoided me like had some sort of contagious disease.  What surprised me the most was that even other noobs would back out.


      Is the Extinction community all gamer snobs? People will only play with me if I use my account with 200+ victories. It was interesting how players with only a dozen victories considered themselves to be experts and players with 50 plus victories would back out immediately without saying a word.


      I did get one Coop NightFall escape but wow! What a struggle that was. Only one of the players in the lobby had any escapes (10 or 12 victories) and throughout the entire game this guy never stopped giving his “expert” advice. First it was apparently impossible to climb on the first area platform while carrying the drill so you had to carry it up the stairs. Then in the warehouse we had the challenge Kill 8 aliens by having each player cause damage (venom-x room) and he had everyone shoot at the aliens from the upper area with weapons. I tried to tell them that we need to use pistols and stay near each other but of course the guy with the highest number of victories, knew everything. We succeeded 0 out of 8.


      I always tried to be nice to noobs but after this experience I don’t know if they deserve it. Maybe some remain noobs because that’s all that they deserve.

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          Re: It’s tough being an Extinction noob

          In my opinion, yes, whilst there is a friendly bunch on the forums for the most part, the lobby community is full of snobs.


          Escapes in Extinction is exactly the same as prestige in Multiplayer - It stands for time played and not skill.


          Sure, the breakdown of escapes might shed more light on a players skill but it's still too vague to get any credible idea on how good an individual player is. Doing a run with someone is the best way to see how they play, some play styles suit others more (for example, I know NOT YOU and others prefer the "spawn trap" approach to Extinction, I find this incredibly boring to play.. not wrong, just different).


          For me it's more about having fun, so if it's 0 escapes or 2000 escapes, I'll slay some alien scum with anyone who is a good laugh.

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              Re: It’s tough being an Extinction noob

              I agree; the leaderboard does not tel you enough to judge how good of a player we are.  I have many escapes because I play almost each and every day but having many escapes at least suggest that one understands the game.  When I look at the leaderboads I go straight to challenge completed; I like to play with players that can complete challenges.


              For new players having a low challenge completed percentage can only mean that they haven't played with the right team yet but I find that it is a good reference point.


              As for skill; I find that it does not matter so much how good a player is as much as how well you sync with them.

              I'll play with anyone that gives it an honest try and does not get upset over every silly little thing that does not go as he wanted.

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              Re: It’s tough being an Extinction noob

              I always give noobs a chance if they have a mic. The problem with noobs without a mic, is obviously it's frustrating. You don't know if they can hear you or not. Even if you say "change that to this if you can hear us". So for noobs, they must have a mic. Some do send a message saying they can hear me, so I don't mind helping at all. It's nice to be able to help and give tips, and advice etc. I remember how bad it was not knowing stuff myself.


              I had a game yesterday with 2 Mr. know-it all's on Nightfall. It was funny. you could clearly tell him or his buddy hadn't checked any of my stats in the pre-game lobby, which is fine, some people just don't. Anyway we go into the game, and they start bossing us around. It was me, those 2 and some other guy who was rank 28 or so and no escapes. Me and this noob had incendiary ammo, and the 2 know-it all's had Armour Piercing. Now, I don't care what people say, "best" ammo type is personal preference. I prefer Incendiary, but I know lots who love AP, I also know plenty who love regular.


              Anyway, I do what I always do and upgrade my ammo straight to +3 (then I put my next 4 skill points on WS to get faster reload). I throw out my ammo, and the 4 or 5 times when I do, the two friends start to shout at me to stop throwing it out because the ammo is crap, and that the only 2 ammo's I should use are either what they are (AP) or EXPLOSIVE.


              WHAT?!! Granted, yes AP is great or certainly can be. However for me personally, I just love Incendiary. But Explosive, really? That has been useless ever since they nerfed it. It takes way too many bullets to kill a seeker let alone scouts and anything greater/bigger.


              Anyway, after him saying that, I had to turn my mic on to give him some home truths and stuff. It was funny because he did not expect me or anyone to talk back. What was even funnier was, they were both much nicer after me chiming in. They even started to pick my ammo up lol. I just thought it was so funny.

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                  Re: It’s tough being an Extinction noob

                  How things change   If I remember correctly you used to defend the non mic players.

                  What a difference using a mic does.


                  I've also had some great games with players without a mic but it is always a gamble.

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                      Re: It’s tough being an Extinction noob

                      There's a difference. I'm on about noobies without a mic. I was lucky enough to gain experience before people started to complain about mics, and because I had 'plenty' of escapes and games etc and no mic, people did play with me. If now I see people without a mic who have a decent escape count, or other stats, then I will happily play with them. It's just those with no escapes, or who are very very new (very few kills) I will possibly not play with, purely because they don't understand how important teamwork (challenges etc) are.

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                    Re: It’s tough being an Extinction noob

                    This is pretty entertaining...have been thinking about starting over myself just for kicks...I love the Mr Know-it-all's...I usually get it when I get thrown in to a game already started...like yesterday..

                    Got thrown into a poc game, they were just at the 1st hive... Mr Know-it-all was 1st prestige, but level 29..he had beaten poc 3 whole tims!!!..the other 2 had not beaten it yet...I just sat back and let them amuse me..here are some choice comments..all from 1 game (we did escape):

                    • 75% accuracy challenge: "Everyone lay down, you have way better accuracy"
                    • At the 1st barrier hive...since it was taking FOREVER..I commented that we all need to keep shooting the hive.."No, don't worry about that, that's what the chopper does"
                    • Someone found a hypno knife..I said that I have hypno a rhyno..I got "Anyone can hypno a rhyno, you just have to aim for the eye"...my comment "hmmm..learn something every day.
                    • At 1st hive, last area..."I hit him right in the eye..that's BS"
                    • "hey...I was 29th level..now I'm only level 2..wtf?  This is bs!" (not realizing that he had prestiged)
                    • Getting ready for the run back..tried to explain that I would throw feral then we hit the nuke..was corrected by  Mr Know-it-all..."no..don't pick up feral it just makes it hard to see"..so I hit the nuke, let them run up a little then threw it for myself..
                    • As I was running by them.."hey..how do you run so fast?"...my comment "practice"
                    • I had 1 hypno knife on me and another 1 stashed in the 2nd area for the run back..I hypno'd the 1st rhyno.. Mr Know-it-all commented "ohhh..I knew I hit him in the eye, it must have been saved"
                    • when we got to the 2nd barricade hive..now 2 hypnoed rhynos.. Mr Know-it-all "hey..my rhyno must have infected another one!"
                    • when we finally reached the chopper.. Mr Know-it-all "I told you guys I'd get you out"
                    • when we were back in the lobby...now everyone realizing I had 400+ kills and he had barely over 100, and that I am max prestige with almost 200 escapes.. Mr Know-it-all..."why didn't you say you were max prestige?"...me.."you didn't ask".

                    I ditched  Mr Know-it-all and took the other 2 through Nightfall and Mayday, getting their 1st escapes on both maps..got completionist on Nightfall but not Mayday..go figure...

                    All-in-all...I like playing with newb's..it's like a relic only more entertaining..

                    Add me Frenchy..I'll show you the ropes....LOL

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                      Re: It’s tough being an Extinction noob

                      I dislike how the lobby community is myself, I have a few people who talk down to you like they know everything yet your more knowledgeable than they are and sometimes there telling you something that's already been proven wrong and incorrect. if I had a second account I would attempt the same but worry on the players i'll stick with, it'll be the ones im avoiding, aka jerks. I played with a young lad level 7 and his split screen friend, they havn't got passed the second barrier hive according to the lobby leaderboards and we made it on the run back but it got too hectic for them and was soo close. I helped a lobby where 2 lads were around the age of 10 and helped them escape their first time

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                        Re: It’s tough being an Extinction noob

                        I always want a noob or two in the lobby to generate extra teeth when completing. Problem is the ones with no mics that do not grasps the challenges. If they screwup the challenges I bail.

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                          Re: It’s tough being an Extinction noob

                          Just to offer another perspective, since I'm nowhere near the level that many of you guys here are.


                          I remember when I just learned the ropes, about 1st or 2nd prestige, I would only play with high prestige people and would back out on noobs. Reason? Because I knew I wouldn't be able to handle carrying 3 newbies through PoC (back when there was only PoC) when I've barely beaten it once or twice. At that point, you want to rank up fast (so more wins, more escapes) but you don't have the knowledge or feel of the game yet enough to provide for yourself and coach other newbies.


                          To this day, I'll back out of newbies simply because I'm just not interested in coaching players; I just want a casual game where 4 people know everything and everything goes smoothly. This is just the perspective of a semi-casual player with about 50 escapes total.

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                            Re: It’s tough being an Extinction noob

                            here's a noob question... how do i know what prestige im in, and what other players are?  just the icon by their name?

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