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    To Treyarch!  Anyone Agree?

      I have multiple concerns on the Black Ops II Online Multiplayer:
      -There is so many hackers that I have run into (players changing name/color of their gamertag in the game, god mode users, and aimbotters)
      -People trash talking, I KNOW, you can report someone for offensive language, BUT DOES IT DO ANYTHING, NO!
      -The kill cams are freezing and lagging up, AND DON'T SAY ITS MY INTERNET, my speeds are good, and plus when I join the game, I hear other people complaining about the killcams as well. 
      -Oh and that stupid 3 hitmarkers with a remington with long barrel and hit markers with snipers, REALLY?  (David V. is a sped)
      -You say in the code of conduct/security and enforcement policy right here:  Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Security & Enforcement Policy that
      • First offense: User will be permanently banned from playing the game online, will have their stats & emblems reset, and will be blocked permanently from appearing in leaderboards.
      • Console users who modify their hardware or profile data will also be reported to console manufacturers. PC users on Steam will be reported to the Steam enforcement team.
      -Last concern!  Focus on banning the hackers and cheaters out there and STOP ******* BANNING INNOCENT PLAYERS!  THE REPORTS YOU RECEIVE SHOULD ACTUALLY BE EFFECTIVE, BUT I GUESS NOT!
      People who work at Treyarch (ESPECIALLY THE ONES WHO WORK FOR SECURITY AND ENFORCEMENT) Please do us a favor and go back to special education class.  Until there is an update fixing all this nonsense, I am done with bo2 and may never ever buy a call of duty game again. 
      By the way!  Treyarch was my favorite CoD creator but they may have just lost a fan and buyer.  I hope you read this Treyarch and respond.  Because If you don't I'm assuming you like people hacking and modding your game.  By Treyarch, possible forever!
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          Re: To Treyarch!  Anyone Agree?

          Sorry brah, but real time modders and hackers will always make new tools. It is literally impossible to stop. However, it has grown to an insane level. I made friends with two real time modders, so I could go into their world, and see how its all done. They have PSN ID spoofing tools. One I befriended, it shows console ban, but he uses a randomization tool, and is right back online. Its alot to do with Sony as well. If you feel someone is hacking, watch the killcam for tell tell signs, unless they are in god mode, or name changing, making it obvious. Then leave. NEVER JOIN PRIVATE A MATCH WITH THEM. They will have enough info about you to cause serious problems for you, on PSN, as well as with your internet provider if they know what they are doing.

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            Re: To Treyarch!  Anyone Agree?

            Hackers have been in this series forever. This game they were smart. Less obvious making us think gun nurfing was necessary and lag existed. Truth is Activision DOESNT CARE! Were stupid for buying this ****. Activision is Treyarch and sledgehammer.  Dont buy anymore thinking a new made up name will make the next game better!


            Ghosts cant be given away for free. I know this because I was offered and said no. The next game might as well be called Elysium (ripped off movie) . Trash. Sad but true!


            You can quit or just play the private games you own in custom lobbies. Or you can learn to hack too. They get the extra maps and new camo for free! Activision cares so little about this because you and I are paying full price. CHUMPS!


            Lastly, if you think reporting works because you called up a customer service agent and they told you so.... Your Nuts!!  I have 10 open cases that havent be solved or responded to in months. I have video and friends in my list that have 99 million kills and 2 uavs. Eponents . 255 prestige level 55 . Etc.


            QUIT. I might demand a refund!

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              Re: To Treyarch!  Anyone Agree?

              I agree to many hackers and boosters och their games, one thing I think the game companies should do is to sue all the hackers becuase they are destroying their games with all their hacking and boosting. The online gaming on all of Call of duty games is going to far becuase of this, and if they dont come up with something to deal with it they will lose alot of gamers.


              But wasnt there suppose to be an update for this, I know I was reading it somewhere. Im sorry for my english but I think you understand anayway .

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                Re: To Treyarch!  Anyone Agree?

                whet is hacking ?

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