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    Can never find game (PC)?

      I've been playing multi-player Ghosts for 5 or 6 months. A couple months ago all of a sudden I can never find a game mode. In fact, there are never enough players in ANY game mode (except team deathmatch) to find a game. Am I doing something wrong or is there just not enough Ghosts players to fill all the modes? Thx

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          Re: Can never find game (PC)?

          No problems finding games in the HC mode at all.

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            Re: Can never find game (PC)?

            If you have an Open NAT in-game, then you should be good to go.

            You may just live in a part of the world where there is a relatively low population density.

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              Many factors can affect connectivity, some would be game mode, what times you are playing, and as Falcon has stated, location.


              As stated, gamer density around your area may be low, and hinder your ability to find a match.


              We recommend playing during peak hours, which if often after school/ work hours until 10-11 pm. Since more players would be available, it can improve your chances of finding a match. Same would apply to the game mode you are playing. Selecting a popular game mode, would have the same affect when more players are available.

              Other options you can look into would be to play on a wired connection, set a static ip address for your PC, and set up a port configuration to optimize your connection. You can check out Falcon's Guide on how to Achieve an Open NAT.




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