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    I was banned for no reason?!

      Hello , I bought 8 days ago the game : Call of Duty Black ops 2.

      My problem is, I've played quite normal and 2 hours later I was banned.

      Can someone help me, please?


      Greeting Ares

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          Re: I was banned for no reason?!

          You must have been banned for a reason.

          Did it GIVE you one?    

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            Re: I was banned for no reason?!

            Bans are the result of thorough investigation and are not up to debate. Forum rules forbid ban appeals within the forums.


            That said, Smitten, the answer to your question would be, "No." Reasons for the ban are not provided to the offender (no one will admit this, but the reason for the ban is not given in order to keep as secret as possible the methods used to catch offenders). The offender knows why he/she was banned and if he/she does not know, they can look at the rules posted in ATVI Support to get up to speed.

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                Re: I was banned for no reason?!

                I have met several people who were multibanned on ghosts.All at the same time same day,all were banned permanently.

                2 mins later they were OK again.So this there must be a reason is not right at all.All these people were infuriated when they were told by live help " go away this isnt your business" - to me that says we messed up but we want CEO on our 4 company letterhead so best you shut up or well ban you for real !

                Mistakes ARE MADE frequently

                its the lack of support & the fact that if YOU PAY for twitter you will get answered -wheras a normal person like me who would never use such a thing has zero chance of a reply & this can be verified by checkin all 4 accounts ( 4 ? really - why 4 comapnies? ) & the plethora of comlaints- 88 to 12 in favour of complaints,they cannot delete them fast enough.OP clearly has an issue he JUST bought the game,all i can do is direct you to live help albeit annoying in that they ONLY work USA time ,also dont use google chrome n adblock as it wont open live help,use internet excuse or FF.Other than paying or calling or showing up in the states is goin to help.

                ON ANY OTHER  subject from UFO`s to Collecting amish hats  i would say forums,best places for answers,except here.Rarely do you get help,just peoples opinions,lets face it teh forum is an extention of a miked lobby!

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                Re: I was banned for no reason?!

                In-Game Reports / Ban Appeals / Moderator Action Disputes

                  • All reports, for users who violate the Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy, are to be handled in-game. As a result, all in-game related reports are considered prohibited.
                  • Online / In-Game Bans are the product of thorough investigation. As a result, all appeals or attempts to challenge the merit of a ban are considered prohibited.
                  • Disputes about moderator actions should be handled via a personal message.  Forum Moderators
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