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    Bugs/Glitches Thread (Awakening: 3/6/2014)


      I accidentally made this to be exclusive post-DLC 3 release, without releasing many were still commenting in the old thread. PLEASE DISCARD USAGE OF COMMENTS IN THIS THREAD, IF YOU HAVE ANY BUGS OR GLITCHES TO POST, PLEASE POST THEM HERE:

      Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]





      Hey guys,


      Just a new thread on any glitches or bugs you have found in ANY of the maps, menus or leaderboards since the release of Awakening. Hopefully we can get these noted and fixed in future patches.

      If you know any, please feel free to post them. Then we can know what they are in the hope of preventing them as well.




      ~ 2nd area of Awakening, aliens can glitch out of the map into the 'foggy' area on the outside of the 2nd area. They sit on an invisible wall and can't move.

      ~ Gargoyles can shoot through the walls of the map. (I was in a solo game and in the 2nd area I was being shot by the 'mini gun', but couldn't shoot back to the other side.

      ~ When Gargoyles are hit by an explosive and they do the 'hit' animation (don't know what else to call it), they can move into walls surrounding the map or on the insides of the map. From the walls I have had them in, they can also shoot out of them.

      ~ Aliens seem to be running with half their body in the ground more than ever now, especially hunters.


      UPDATE (11/6/2014):

      ~ It is possible to crouch on the edge of some mushrooms on the map, "Awakening", dis-allowing aliens to attack you. In some of these areas aliens also pile up allowing for unlimited XP off kills.

      ~ "The Architect" achievement on Mayday is still not possible for some players, even after numerous attempts.

      ~ Many players cannot find games in playlists even in a 200-300 range of players. The message "No Games Found" occurs.

      ~ Rarely on Mayday, throwing team support can result in the package falling through the map, as with the occasional alien that can also fall through the map.

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          Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (Awakening: 3/6/2014)

          Ive seen a few aliens half in the walls and floors..

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            Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (Awakening: 3/6/2014)

            Got a few more.


            ''Kill 5 Bombers before they explode'', only 3 spawned...

            ''Kill 15 enemies from 65 ft away'', the white outlines didn't appear making this impossible (it also didn't show up on a friendly Rhino and the ending machines).

            Enemies glitching in walls, floors, and getting shot through them (happends alot with the dragons).

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              Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (Awakening: 3/6/2014)

              Out of 4 games/escapes, we have tried the Hypno Trap several times but they do not work. Even when stuff goes onto it (simple stuff such as a scout or hunter). Hypno Knives work perfectly fine, but not the traps.


              And yeah, Gargoyles going through walls and floors is stupid. Kind of funny though.

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                Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (Awakening: 3/6/2014)

                EExperienced this today on Awakening

                3 members playing and the in game sound went dead for all of us.

                it sucked we had to call out rhinos and gargoyles etc

                in 2nd area we had a 4th join us.

                HIs is ingame sound worked but ours never went back on. He turned his tv up a lil and that helped lol


                in 2nd area gargoyle disappeared into cliff with only tail sticking out and he was still able to shoot at us but we could not hit him at all with hit markers until he glitched out of area

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                  Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (Awakening: 3/6/2014)

                  I once noticed two scorpions glitched out in the first area after I went back from the second area to get a schematic-  saw them, running into one of those spikey parts of the environment but unnable to pass it-  didn't pay any mind to it so I left it.  Next challenge was "Kill 10 Marked aliens before any others" and we killed 8 before the first half of the Obelisk was completed...wondered where the other two were


                  Thankfully I went back to get a schematic earlier and decided to go check to see if they were the two aliens or else we wouldn't have completed the challenge.

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                    Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (Awakening: 3/6/2014)

                    Me and three others went into Awakening yesterday, Monday 9th June about 9/10pm (GMT). Going for the Completionist Achievement we got to the last three Obelisks (before the final bridge, waterfall area) and had all the challenges completed. Even going for the semi-automatic challenge which no one ever does! Up until this next challenge popped up we were doing perfectly. 'Kill the 10 Marked Aliens Before Any Other Aliens'. Only two were glowing white. Two. TWO! I understand that there are glitches etc. but I kind of expect the challenges to work on a game I've paid for and that works on different maps. I hope you guys don't have the same disappointment as me, but if you're going for Completionist like myself, I won't even bother with this challenge and restart, in hope that it doesn't come up again.


                    Activision, please sort it out.
                    XBL Players, add me and hopefully we can beat all the challenges together.





                    (The Ammo Guy, 10th June 2014, Prestige 17)

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                      Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (Awakening: 3/6/2014)

                      I just played Awakening, and it glitched at the end. We were at the end, just about to escape, and the first forcefield that we have to take out, took 2 minutes, and we ended up losing because we didn't have enough time in the end. We were literally taking out Rhinos every 10 seconds as they unburrowed right in front of us. It was crazy, and that took FAR too long than it should've. I've beat this before, and the forcefield gets destroyed in LESS than HALF of the time that we just did in that game.


                      Awful. I hate losing because of some bug. It's as if the game didn't register at least half the kills we were getting to charge the Cortex. Is there a bug with using too much strike packages at once or something, because that is the only thing I can think of that we did different. We had lots of Sentry Guns and IMS'.

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                        Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (Awakening: 3/6/2014)

                        Yes i am having this problem of no games found on PS4 and PS3 for Mayday since the update for awakening DLC and for nightfall since the update for Devastation DLC

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