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        30. Re: The Haters!

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          31. Re: The Haters!

          Do you ever get tired of telling people they are ignorant?    BTW I actually like the game..  Don't really rant about it..

          I'm just worried about you is all.     Don't want to find you posting videos on you tube about how COD haters need to die and then see you on the news after going postal at a Gamestop shooting people who bought Battlefield instead of Advanced Warfare.  Maybe you just need a big hug..

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          time to set of the weekend!


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            32. Re: The Haters!

            so your just hatin on me then....it happens on occasion. Thanks for the compliment then. I post 24 hours a day, you can hate

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              33. Re: The Haters!

              I don't hate you. Yes you're condescending and overly opinionated and talk to people rude on here.  I don't hate you though.. I'm way to old to get worked up over someone on a game forum.

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                34. Re: The Haters!

                apehangers wrote:


                I don't hate you. Yes you're condescending and overly opinionated and talk to people rude on here.  I don't hate you though.. I'm way to old to get worked up over someone on a game forum.

                Though you think I have this "having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority" trust me its far from it. I might be rude, to some, trust me those who I am rude with received what they dished.


                I am far to old as well, yet as a COD gamer ( I am) one of the few who write about the game without sounding like a hypocrite or troll > This is the purpose of my post.

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                  35. Re: The Haters!

                  articulate can be often be confused with condescending. But then again, he is ego

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                    36. Re: The Haters!

                    Thanks for the like FalconR6. Now I finally leveled up.

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                      37. Re: The Haters!

                      You can't say I am unintelligent, you should instead turn it around on yourself. You are the one that tried to insult me by basically talking sh*t and trying to speak for me as if I didn't have the mental capacity to do so myself.


                      And again, with the guy above me, it doesn't really help you look smart by following his example and trying to generalize a whole demographic of people, these so-called "haters", by thinking you know who they are and what they stand for.


                      Again. I don't hate to hate. I hate this game because it legitimately sucks. Especially when compared to older titles. But a lot of people here continue to pull a shroud of denial over their faces and swear up and down that this game is so great. They would rather bombard us with half-ass camouflages than bring some real innovation or change to the table. All they continue to do is supplement a boring and repetitive game with more boring and repetitive content, and no real fixes to any of the true issues that they continue to ignore.


                      Did we ever even get the dedicated servers we were promised? Wasn't that a promise that we were given damn near a YEAR ago at the last E3 Expo? Oh yeah. You guys let that slip your mind didn't you.


                      It's just like politics. If a politician (us) asks a leader of big business (IW) why they are say... polluting a habitat of an endangered species, or... exploiting foreign labor for profit, etc, all they do is wave a few million dollars (micro-DLC) in front of the politician to keep him quiet and distracted from the true issues that he was originally out to expose (lag, spawn issues, hacking, etc.)


                      Do you get the metaphor? IW, and even Treyarch last year, do nothing but continue to flaunt a ton of unnecessary micro-DLC and other bullsh*t in our faces to try and cover up the issues with their horrible half-assed game. Yeah, screw trying to fix problem after problem. That'd take too much work. Instead let us distract everyone with a bunch of stupid sh*t that they don't even want and make a few bucks in the process. Less work, more money. Go us!


                      It really irritates me how well I can liken people like you to a crowd of sheep. You are sheep, and they are the dogs. It really is pathetic how oblivious you are to seeing the devil beside you.

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                        38. Re: The Haters!

                        You are definitely not too bright. Plain and simple.

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                          39. Re: The Haters!

                          Firstly, it was stated that dedicated servers would be part of the system. This has happened. It was never stated that everyone would get dedis all the time. So, there were no lies told in relation to dedis. Yes, I think more dedis would be called for. But, you got to be grateful for what you get. Remember that not everyone can access dedis, so Ghosts using a hybrid system is a good thing.

                          I don't think Ghosts sucks.....nor do I think it is perfect.

                          Ghosts has brought innovations and improvements. Squad mode has been enjoyed by many. Aliens has received good reviews. Clan wars has been readily taken up and enjoyed - even though it's implementation has not be seemless.  The weapon balance in my opinion deserves a lot of credit compared to past cods. Innovation also in terms of mantling, slide, and lean.

                          Furthermore, you want to talk about connection --> MW3 and BO2 were well below the connectivity I get from Ghosts. Yes, I get latency in Ghosts (latency being in all multiplayer games), but my experience has been much better.

                          I'm not saying that Ghosts is perfect. However, I shake my head when folks wont give credit where due.

                          Let's all remember that Ghosts has had to deal with extra platforms which must make things harder.

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