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    Help with Error in Diamond Division Clan Wars

      Hi guys i'm from the -unorthodox clan and we are in diamond division and currently in first place, with 87 points. When clan wars day one ended, 10 minutes later, the NeH clan rose by almost 60 points which was impossible since I was following up on the scoreboard and made sure we were in first when clan wars ended its first day. I think that a clan either hacked the scoreboard or there is an error with the app, because in game it still shows my clan as first with 87 points, second place clan in 62, and NeH clan as 58.


      Original score before glitch:

      -uNoRtHoDoX 87

      Inverse Godz 62

      ~Not even Human 58

      Score after glitch:

      ~Not even Human 146

      Inverse Godz 124

      -uNoRtHoDoX 119

      I am 100% positive that there was a glitch or an error in the scoreboard, and I would really appreciate some help either looking into this problem or resolving it. Thankyou.

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