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    2 Noob questions..

      Hi, second thread, thanks for all the help so far.


      So i have my headphones plugged in. I have amplify on as a perk, and i hear all these footsteps, everyone's footsteps! Awesome right? No, not really.

      Here's the thing, i was in siege once playing dom, im defending flag A from a building, no one there not even team mates just me, and i hear footsteps. Im thinking yes! Come at me bro! Im ready...but i wasn't, i hear the sound but i dont know from where.

      I turn left right, point my gun in all directions, footsteps get louder, quieter, louder, quieter but i have no idea how to figure out where he is, above me below me, 2 feet away i dont know and BAM...he comes from behind me and kills me.


      So can someone please tell me how sound works, does the sound increase if you point your gun in the right direction? Or just basically via distance?


      Second noob thing is....I lose alot of CQC gun fights, i mean a lot. The only way i can win is if im ADS walking and i shoot as soon as i see and even then i lose some fights.

      I see an opponent and i aim before him, shoot before him and i still die. Could be due to fire rate, could be due to lag became kill cam shows he killed me before i even aimed...but i swear i put bullets in them first.

      Anyways what i want to know is do you guys hit L1 and R1 together, or L1 then R1 or R1 first then L1?


      And no, mostly they are ADS not hip firing, and i still die after shooting first.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Re: 2 Noob questions..

          Map Knowledge dude. The sounds perk just alerts you that somebody is around. You need to learn the maps, once you do that you will know where they are coming from.


          As for the gun fights, chuck that to better aim. Shooting 1st doesn't guarantee you a kill, just guarantees you that you shot first.

          Also, if you're using an SMG, those kick a little more than AR or LMG's. So if your aim is bad, you will miss most of your shots.

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              Re: 2 Noob questions..

              Yeah map knowledge is key, but I HIT them, you see the blood effect thingy and your bullets make that impact sound and even when they are flinching they manage to still aim and kill you instantly, so i was wondering maybe my trigger finger isnt fast enough? Not counting possible lag or cheats, i just want to know how people favor to shoot in this game.

              Some tutorial vids i saw showed the players shooting like a bullet or two before they ADS so i was just wondering how other people play.

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                  Re: 2 Noob questions..

                  It all comes down to practice. And some people are just plain good . Sure there will be an occasion now and then where someone drops a few packets or gets a quick lag spike and gets killed when they shouldn't, but they also get on the other side of that coin and get a kill when they shouldn't. One thing, do not think the kill can is accurate, its not. It will give you a rough idea of what happened, but its not an "instant replay".

                  What I do to improve my accuracy is play in local only against veteran bots, with a single fire weapon. You'd be surprised by how much that helps.

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                Re: 2 Noob questions..

                close range=hip fire and strafe     close-mid range=l1 and r1 at the same time   mid-long rang=l1 before r1

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                  Re: 2 Noob questions..

                  I always use Ready Up, Quick Draw, and the perk that makes you flinch less when shot... works well for me lol.

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