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    Leaderboards even MORE messed up


      I'm honestly not one to care about the leaderboards, but I'm confused as to how they are messed up once again. They have fixed the issue they previously stated was not possible to be fixed (overall escapes showed wrong due to every escape on NF it would add 4 to POC). Now they have fixed it, it shows my real escapes, BUT I am ranked very low, with people with ZERO escapes higher than me..


      There seems to be no method to the madness, either.Several hours ago for example, I was ranked about 22,000th for escapes. I checked an hour or two after that, and I was 19,000th. The last time I looked, I was about 16,000th. There's people above me with all sorts of escape amounts.


      It's not done alphabetically, because my name is NOT YOU 87, where as someone who is (or was) directly above me with 8 escapes, name bgan with an 'X'. So I'm confused. They fix it, yet break it even more!!