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    ps3 freezing only on ghosts

      ok some background info

      AFTER last update my ps3 has the chills...freezing up ONLY on ghosts. I did all the rebooting uninstalling deleting reinstalling unplugging cords ,chqnged internet settings...blah blah blah..(i have been reading about this the last 3hours or so)...after having a clean slate ps3 ..NOTHING has changed...freeze galore is my ps3.

      I switched to FiFa and presto ..no freezing...battleflunk no freezing...so ACTIVISION you guys have a bug on your hands ..and ours too. lol.please fix this...


      Its not our hardware or cds...its on your end ACTIViSIoN...btw my fifa has a scratch...my ghosta is prestine...so is his copy and his ps3 was bought last year on blqck friday...