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    Season pass

      I recently bought the new map pack Onslaught, not knowing exactly what the season pass was. Then after I realized that there were going to be more map packs coming out. What I want to know, is should I spend the $50 and get the season pass (after already spending $15 for the other DLC maps) or just buy each of the other map packs separately for $45? Would getting the season pass give me so much more than the individual packs that it would be worth the extra $5?

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          The extra 5 bucks will give you playercard, patch, background, etc.

          Will mean you will be all good to go for the remaining 3 map packs.

          May give you content early,,,   for example the ripper was made available to Season Pass holder early.

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            That is not overly helpful.

            Here on the forum we get a ton of information and are well informed. If you are just a casual gamer it is very easy to miss out on opportunities.

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                Reading is fundamental. Had you bothered to read before purchasing a DLC there would have been no reason for your question. TO answer the silly question it comes down to basic math. do I spend 45 on the pass or 60 total on 4 dlc? 45 versus 60 done. A lot of us here will help,but I for 1 do not wish to extend that to someone

                who clearly did not read.

                Do a search on the


                I am willing to  bet this has been asked and answered before.

                Basic math help can be found at khan academy dot com.

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                    Ok smart ass.................. how about looking at my forum rank. I got that by helping people.  The OP was unaware, you can call this ignorance on the OP's part if you would like. Fact is, OP was not aware for whatever reason,,, it does not matter. The OP asked for help!! There is no need to ridicule someone.  Whether you agree with it or not, a lot of gamers just simply go out and buy games,, sometimes they do not have access to, or read, material pertaining to the various purchase methods.

                    Telling me to run a Search.  lols,  I have helped many folks out in the forum with similar inquiries.

                    Whenever you respond to someone on the forum you can not take it for granted that they know how to use the various forum features. Simply put, if someone asks for help / advice, give it to them.  

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                        it looks like this



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                            Sorry, I'm such a dumb ass as you say.  I have no idea what I am doing on the forum. I can't believe that someone would post for advice bypassing the Search feature.

                            hhhhhmmmmm.   maybe the OP was actually just asking about the benefits of having the Season Pass, compared to individual map packs.

                            Protip -- there are thousands of threads on this forum that cover the same topics. It is human nature to just ask questions. Especially for those new to such a forum. It is not a hangable offense.

                            Main point: if you have not got something constructive to write, let it go.

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                      If it isn't grocery/rent money, I'd get the season pass.  As previously stated, some things (Ripper) are released early for Season Pass holders.  Given that we're already a month behind the X-Box release points, getting some of the content earlier makes a difference.  What you'll eventually find is that the last DLC will release to us just about a month before the game cycle ends in November.  That doesn't give much time to enjoy the last release of content before buying the next COD.....because you know you will buy it


                      Again, if you're not having to pinch pennies for the purchase, I'd go with the Season Pass.

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                        I know its a bit late for this one but next time there is a game release that you are going to be playing a lot, there are usually special edition versions that contain the season pass in with the initial purchase. In ghosts it was called the" hardened edition" and it works out even better value for money.

                        I would buy the season pass anyway if you think you will be playing a lot in the future, the amount of money that you wasted by buying one dlc and then the season pass only amounts to a couple of coffees or a round of drinks so don't dwell on it for too long, there are a few bits and bobs extra that you get with the season pass, nothing too spectacular but fun none the less.

                        Happy Codding dude.