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    Recruiting everyone! DurP x FTW

      About our clan

      We are level 22

      We have won 4 platinum clan wars (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

      If we come first in one more platinum clan war, we will be put in

      diamond division.


      We accept ANY K/D Ratio, It honestly doesn't matter as long as you don't suck too much.

      We're looking for more people to help us level up and join Clan Wars.

      We do not enforce an age limit, all ages are welcome.

      It is preferable that you have a mic to chat over XBL, though you don't have too.

      There is no restriction over the guns you can/cannot use, we encourage all weapons.

      You are allowed to bring in as many friends as possible so the clan can rank up faster at no charge or test.

      It is best to download the call of duty ghost app on your phone and search

      DurP x FTW and request to join. If you do not have a phone or cannot download the app; send Mr CookieCrums on xbox live a friend request and a message saying can i join.