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    error 4096.

      Am i the only one with this issiue still ? Ive contacted activision support several times, ive tried the trouble shooting techniques but nothing seems to work. They keep saying its my connection,  but i highly doubt that it is. I have no issiues connecting online with other games just Ghosts. This problem started happening after the onslaught dlc. Im getting tired of not being able to connect. It can take up 2 1hour before i can join a lobby. Wtf.

      If anybody has an idea as 2 what i can do please let me know.


      Thank you

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          Jinx- what platform are you using? I know it sounds crazy to be told it is probably your connection when "all my other games play" just fine, but, Ghosts has some certain requirements that optimize it to connect/run  better. Check out this link to a support thread by FalconR6- see if there is some information that you have not tried: Achieving Open NAT - port numbers included. Ghosts V2. Best of luck- post up if you can, the stuff you have tried- there are  lots of folks that may have stuff they tried and worked that may help you

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            I know a lot of PS4 COD Players still getting this message while fetching profile. (a lot I said, a lot)

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              I get this issue. There have been other threads on it too, and in one somebody made the following suggestion, I tried it and it works.


              When you first load into the game, before clicking play online, go to store, wait for that to load, back up, click play online and you're in.


              I'm on ps4 and each time I use this it works. But it doesn't work if you click online, get the 4096 message and then try it. You have to do do it before anything else.


              Part of me thinks this is a glitch, but the cynical side of me thinks it's deliberate to get people to visit the store and buy a microtransaction. Given that almost everybody gets the message, regardless of connection quality, it has to be one or the other.

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                i have the exact same error on PS4. I wrote about it in the support forum. I have yet to try the solution (work around).

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                  I know it happens a lot when i go to do split screen with my brother. And there are a couple times where i went to play and had this error. I just took the game out, turned off the system, made sure this disc was clean, and put it back in. (not saying that has any relevance at all) you just gotta work with it. But it would be nice to not have to go through this hastle when fetching my profile