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    Looking for adult, mature Clan for Xbox360


      I am looking for people to play with that share similar reasons for gaming.


      North American EST evenings plus more on some weekends, casual player. No all star, but  feel I have progressed to the point where in any typical lobby I am going to help the team, not hinder it. Admittedly have played mostly TDM and would definitely consider myself above-average in that mode, have been exploring other modes more recently.


      Mainly looking for adult, mature people to play with. I am highly competitve so you can be sure I am always trying to win and improve (even though its just a video game) while still realizing that....its just a video game.


      Ingame tag is: xMRNOVEMBERx. I drew inspiration from the song (youtube it if you want), not because I am a model.