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    NEW Extinction Clan


      I just started a new Elite clan that's devoted to Extinction players. We are using the Elite format to use as a Master Extinction players list so we have more people to game with.

      - Tired of wading through lobby after lobby of randoms to make a team that's worthy?

      -Can't find mic'd players to coordinate with?

      -Want friends that know how to round out a team loadout without badgering?

      -Don't have room in your current friends list to add more people that love killing Cryptids too?

      -Can't find solid players to help on a relic run?

      -Want that ultra high score run to earn bragging rights?

      -Maybe you've conquered POC and NF to the point of boredom, we have loadout and team games for a new approach to Extinction

      Then possibly joining EXTINCTION SQD. is for you!!! Looking to attract good players that have knowledge of Extinction gameplay, have escaped at least, are working towards in game achievements or are willing too help in that area. DLC purchases are not required to join here, if you want to kill cryp's in POC then Im game, I have purchased the seasons pass so Im looking forward to the full Extinction experience and want other to join me on this mission!!! Age and ability are not huge issues but for the record I am 38 and am serious about having fun while playing so mature players are welcome as well as well-behaved younger players. And as for ability you will no doubt get better playing with us!!!


      Search for EXTINCTION SQD. in Elite and apply there or you can track me down on xbox360 at GT- OFC Pugnax and I'll be able to send an invite!

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          Link to original post concerning my interest in this---- Extinction Clan?

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            I have an extinction clan too, Xtinction100 - how is your clan doing? feel free to join mine if you like?

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              Count me in Pug... Invite me if I don't get to you first. ttys



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                Bum stiggedy bum stiggedy bump!

                can't find the clan on the app, could you sent me an invite please? dedicated extinction player... fiftyunofifty

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                  from sound of things you sound like a cool guy and clans a awsome idea. atm im in a clan with some guys i used to play black ops 2 with but they have almost completely stopped playing ghost and i dont like the multiplayer anyhow but would love some people to play exstinction with instead of searching for lobbys i dont have the app but ill add my game tag at end of this so its easier to find. love the idea of using differant loadouts as well. would love to join the squad. send me a message with the request if u wouldnt mind so ik who ya are



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                    I read your intro, sounds like the place to be. Please accept my application. I'm on XBO, gt: RoGuE5SpeAr

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                      Don't know how to search for clan in app. Would appreciate it if you sent an invite. GT: Pyrocy779

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                        20 members now! SWEET! And we have had some great matches with some great teamplayers! Thanks to everyone who has joined EXTINCTION SQD. so far. I've almost played with everyone so far to date and am impressed with everyone! We have some very knowledgeable players that love playing this mode and really put the team first. If you play on xbox360, love killing cryps and need an Elite home to join I would encourage you to come aboard and join us for some fun!


                        We are currently level 10 and working towards our gold tags but there is no expectation for you to play any MP if you don't want to but we have a mix of people that enjoy both "sides" of Ghosts.

                        Our skill levels cover a broad base of players.... there is no real requirement to join except the ability to work as a team and have fun

                        No mic? its cool my fingers work fine and I dont mind messaging back n forth

                        No escapes? we'll change that....

                        I've learned from the guys in here and my game has improved. Just tryin what works for them has worked for me so Im pretty confident in saying that if you need to improve your game or style or tactics and would like to have that base of players to pull from then join us!

                        Oddly enough we are open to everyone regardless of console lol. If you have the app loaded you can join us. If you play on a console other than xbox360 then we can chat via the app but not play together but I will still accept you and help you in any way to improve your game or enjoy it more!

                        HMU to join in xbox at Gt- OFC Pugnax

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                          Hey everyone! Just checking in on here for a minute! ESQD has been doing great, we now have almost 40 members who LOVE Extinction!!!! The big push this past week or two has been teeth and I am happy to report that ESQD members have led the way in helping first-time fishes escape and helping with in game hints and tactics. I've personally had some very EXCITING games with fish this last week, had a few games with people playing EXT for the first time so they had no idea what to expect but we got them through it! Helped a few folks through NF and MD too to earn the victory which was nice!


                          Anywho.... If you are into EXT and would like experienced shooters them hmu in xbox360 at OFC Pugnax or you can apply to the Ghost app via an I device or Win8 and I can accept you into ESQD. Just to clarify you don't need to join Esqd to play with us! Thanks everyone!