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    PS4 Looking for Diamond Division Clan

      Hello, I am currently looking for a Diamond division clan. I have a clan setup with a few good people but it is just not working out because some of the other players dont play. So I am looking around.


      I have a few people that will join up with me. All of us are good, just the 2 dont care about K/D and go strictly for objectives. Here is what I have.


      Me- 2.122 K/D 1.8 W/L

      Brother- 2.163 K/D 1.7 W/L


      Clan Mates


      2nd 1.3 K/D Little bit of both

      3rd- Like a 0.4 K/D But I've never seen anyone play obectives as much as him lol


      If you can't take us all. Let me know if you would take me and my brother. Message me on PSN xSysquella