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    Looking for a clan with PS4 players

      Looking for a clan to join. Left my other clan because they had no ps4 players, and I didn't want to play by myself in clan wars. I mainly play objective game modes, and HC modes. I ACTUALLY PLAY OBJECTIVES AND DON'T CAMP FOR KILLS. I am hoping to join a clan with numbers, preferably in platinum. My original clan was a Platinum clan, so I would like to remain in there. If interested in bringing me on you clan, please reply with your clan name and the number of members.

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          Re: Looking for a clan with PS4 players

          Hello Spectre!

          I am apart of a multi-platform clan called Deo Optimo Maximo (DOM).DOM was established November, 2012 by our two founders I-am-JUBEE and Nakturnal12. We currently have roughly around 20+ people and growing on the PS4 division with that being said you won't be alone. We concentrate in working together, to WIN together! Our community accommodates all consoles: PS3, PS4, XBOX360, XBOX ONE!



          • Active members, ONLINE DAILY
          • A home to be proud of and very active (website/forums)
          • High level clan on ELITE
          • Participation in CLAN WARS! (Gold/Platinum Divisions)
          • Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Channel!
          • Clan events – training sessions, inter-clan tournaments, scrimmages
          • Sponsored tournaments to win cash prizes! Events happening every quarterly or monthly based!
          • MLG/Gamebattles Team for competitive players
          • Family-friendly community! Respect between all members regardless of age, location, gender, skill!


          • NO K/D REQUIREMENT:  If you are looking to learn more about different game modes, WE CAN HELP YOU EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN THE GAME!
          • MIC REQUIREMENT:* YOU WILL NEED A MIC that’s how you can learn to communicate effectively with other members!
          • NO AGE REQUIREMENT, but the maturity level MUST be there!
          • A QUALITY recruit, no cheating of any kind - boosting, hacking, prestige glitch, god mode, etc...

          All players welcome. Casual and competitive, male or female, family-friendly clan!  We have members from all around the world and you will have always someone to play with!

          To apply please go the clan website at www.domclan.org  Please feel free and browse around and get a feel for our community. Then find the clan application that represents your current console and fill out the application. Make sure if you do apply please mention my name H4v0K Ac3 and I brought you over from the CoD Ghost Forums.


          BTW You must fill out the clan application on our website first. No applications will be accepted through Elite or GHOSTS app.

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            Re: Looking for a clan with PS4 players

            K/D is 1.18

            Our W/L% is 59


            Keep in mind this is only our PS3/PS4 side.

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              Re: Looking for a clan with PS4 players

              [iLLn] is Recruiting.


              We are Level 17.  Active clan with about 25 members.  We are a Platinum Clan.  We have won EVERY previous clan war participated in.  We are looking for Active Members.


              Message me at Zuclear_Warhead on PS4 for an invite.

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                Re: Looking for a clan with PS4 players

                Hey Spectre


                My clan is Bonded By Blood

                Clan level 15-16

                Active members 25

                Clan KD 1.20

                Win% 60


                My PSN is BigWonga82

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