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    ghosts respawns are very bad


      i play cod since cod 4 and i never saw so bad respawn sistem, who share the same situation like me?

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          COD has changed some spawns on Core TDM to get some feedback on. If the feedback is positive, expect to see some more spawn changes throughout the game into other modes.

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            Objective modes have pretty wacky spawns that spawn you right behind a corner from the enemy. Spawn side also switches all the time.

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              Dude, I am in the same boat as you. Absolutely horrible. You can respawn and take two or three steps and the enemy is either around you close enough to kill you or they respawn behind your player after you, then kill you. This is only two instances. I hope they do something when the new maps come out the 27th.

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                I played HC kill confirmed yesterday and I spawned right next to enemy.  I only noticed he was there because we actually "rubbed shoulders" when I spawned and it moved me slightly.  I practically spawned right on top of him.

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                  More than anything, I think these maps aren't all that spawn friendly. Notice the places you spawn, it's like you're being thrown into a labyrinth. Choose you path wisely.

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                    Yes they are!

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                      I agree, I hate them... The only people who like them are the people who were too sucky to get out of the old spawn kill traps from Black Ops which I thought were easy to get out of since people sat in one place. The spawns in this though get me killed constantly, it'll spawn me in front of someone and I can't turn around quick enough (even though I have sensitivity at 20) before I get killed. Plus it seems to happen in streaks, if I get killed off the spawn once it'll happen several times in a row. I've been in matches where i'd be scoring alright say i'd be on 20 odd kills and only one or two deaths, all of a sudden I get killed and then it'll happen repeatedly until i'm at about 12 deaths. I've actually had a match where I ended up negatively after sitting at 22 for 2 because it spawned me right where someone had a chopper and no one in my team was taking the thing out. I either want set spawns (I don't care about spawn campers since most of them suck) or I want them to make it so that it spawns you no where near any other player. Another thing that annoys me is people placing IED's right on top of the spawn and it'll still spawn you next to it.

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                        I couldn't count the number of times in the last two weeks since I bought the game that I was spawned right in front of an enemy, two steps from being on top of them, or right on the side of them.


                        I also got a real bad taste in my mouth from the blitz game. I got ghost and went straight to online play without knowing the maps at all and expected  to get smoked, and I did, but then my k/d ratio was coming back up and got it to around .8 and was looking forward to that positive k/d...then I tried blitz. After being spawned trapped a couple times and dropping back down to a measly .6 k/d I decided not to play that mode anymore.

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                          ye its kinda funny in S&R when u kill attacker and someone rescue him he will most of the time spawn in defenders back when his teammates arent even close there.. tdm stonehaven biggest map and always spawning those 2 places. some players just sit inside castle and wait others to spawn there... so bad spawns on every map