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    FOV Bannable...

      Another fail from IW for the PC community, time to go back play BO2 with a FOV in game...



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          Re: FOV Bannable...

          Hey Drakkarhim,


          Not to worry! Infinity ward is currently working on a FOV changer Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts



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            Re: FOV Bannable...

            Yep, "hey, let's start banning people for using FOV changer, but leave the hackers alone!!!"...so much fail in this game, I could easily upload a 10 min video on YouTube just with the 8 second long kill cams from hackers and still have tons of clips left over. I tell hackers they're being recorded (I record every game I play) and they literally don't care because nothing, absolutely nothing, has been done, some have been hacking since pre-release if you believe them. The funny thing is that there are people that play legit until they get beasted on, sometimes by other legit players, and then they toggle their own hacks on because they are convinced that the legit player is hacking because hacking is just so rampant on PC. OTHERWISE LEGIT players are now downloading hacks just to combat hackers because they feel helpless and want to even the playing field. That's when you know it's out of control. Such a sad state of affairs on PC, this game has so much promise even with all the things that are complained about, it's to the point where a lot of people I know are planning on playing the next Treyarch release and skipping future IW releases until the next Treyarch ones come around.

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              Re: FOV Bannable...

              and their approved in game FOV changer only goes to 80...wtf?

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