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    reporting hacking clan


      why can we not report hacking/cheating players online anymore? You can only do it from the game and everyone knows that activision is not monitoring that to closely. Down loaded the new dlc pack today and in my first game I was asked by several member of MachineGunDevils, (MgD), if I wanted to join a 10th prestige modded lobby. They also stated that in this lobby they could tell me how to get unlimited points, all camos, aimbots, awards, patches and so on. I checked on the app and pulled up thier clan. The clan consist of 46 members, most all Prestige Masters with less than 7-8 days played. K/D ranged from 384.60 for *Removed by Moderator*, 112.34 for *Removed by Moderator* 80.31 for *Removed by Moderator*, *Removed by Moderator* 45.69 and so on. Now tell me activision with a straight face that these are legit k/d's. This game is so far out of control by hackers and cheaters you can't hardly find a good match anymore. They know activision will not and is not doing anything to stop it and it's running ramped. Activision has ruined the Call of Duty games for life with Ghost and the way they are refusing to correct the hacks, modded lobby and cheaters. Many of my friends have sold or traded thier games away and switched to Battlefield 4. the rest of us are waiting for Titanfall to be released. I guess since activision made it's millions in sells they stop there. It's a shame, this could have been one of the best game going instead of one of the worst.

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          Hello smokedaddy2278,


          My apologies for any confusion, but Call of Duty: Ghost does indeed have an in game reporting tool that you can use to report any cheats you encounter in game. This does then send an internal report to our security team for further review. So please be sure that you report this sort of thing in game.


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