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    Does finishing in 2nd or 3rd (during London) count for a win towards qualifying for diamond division

      So I already know the answer but I figured that maybe this question can spark up a debate for Activision.  My clan started up right before the London clan war and at the time it was our first clan war and by far we should of had the win due to the scoring glitch. We have only been in 2 clan wars and we won Rio by 300+ points. We now do not have the option of choosing to go to diamond division due to getting robbed of the win on London. Is any other clans going threw this? If we are the only ones then so be it, it will give us even more reason to win the next one. If there are others the. Maybe Activision will count 2nd or 3rd place finishes towards diamond division Like they did with the body count and patches. Thanks for reading this.