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    [Xbox1]Diamond Clan looking for ACTIVE members [Pack 935]

      Pack 935

      14 active members

      {1.57 K/d} {56% W/L}

      Level 25, [RED] Clan Tag


      We are a fairly new clan, at the moment we have 50+ members. all of whom are regularly active. We are looking for more people to play with. We aren't picky about k/d and we are all experienced cod players glad to help players improve. However we are looking for ACTIVE players, 100+ hours no exceptions. Our average kd is 1.31, we would like players who are able to be active in the clan and have a mic. We have no age limit most of us are just looking for people to play with. We also are avid Zombies players if anyone is looking for a group to play with when the next treyarch game comes out. So if you want to message me about more information my gamertag is MLG Matt IV, but we play often and are looking for people to talk to and just have fun.


      Right now we are only looking for 1 more member

      Pack 395

      [P395]MLG Matt IV

      You can also contact us at our email www.Pack935clan@gmail.com