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        "The Xone doesnt use the cloud for playing COD. As a matter of fact hardly any Xbox One game uses the cloud as dedicated servers."


        you drive a delorean equipped with a flux capacitor don't you.


        I'm not arguing I was dead on target, I was typed what I saw. end of story. no more, no less.

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          Yeah why dont we nitpick every single thing each one of us said that will make you smarter. Its your words in there not mine. No need to act childish and add your insults cause you were wrong.


          Try next time reading the entire thing I wrote. Even IF they used dedicated servers across the board it STILL will not solve all the earths problems. Try reading more than just one sentence.


          "I was hoping it would be different on the x1 as IW was supposed to use the cloud servers & move away from ptp hosting"


          No where did IW say they were using the XBL cloud servers as dedicated servers and the game doesnt use P2P hosting. Nor did they ever say they were going to move away from either P2P hosting or listen servers. They did say they were going to utilize the cloud servers but that would entail that the reader knew what cloud servers were.


          You assumed wrong, big deal. So what.

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            ok, I did say that. and your point is???

            they did say that, here on this very forum!!!

            I agree, big deal, move on, so what.

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              Proof that they said it ?


              your weak attempts to derail my post from one single sentence that was a reply from what YOU said doesnt make me wrong.


              On October 7th in THIS forum they stated they were going to use hybrid servers which are a mix of dedicated servers and listen servers.


              So you got proof for what you didnt know how to read ? I mean why not ? Lets just go off on a total tangent from what I WAS talking about because you cant type.

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                GHOSTS ONLINE CONNECTIVITY UPDATE: I wanted to give a quick update on some of the work that has been done to improve everyone’s online experience. We’ve already mentioned dedicated servers as part of the overall plan to improve connectivity. Dedicated servers will be used on current gen, next gen and PC with Ghosts. And, in order to make sure that people have the best possible experience regardless of platform, location or connection, Ghosts will be using a hybrid system of dedicated servers and listen servers. So no matter where you are the game will always be trying to give you the best online performance possible. There is also some great new tech in the matchmaking system that will place players in matches that have the best combined overall connectivity performance. Again these are just some of the things that are going into Call of Duty: Ghosts to give players a great online experience. Can’t wait to see you all online.


                Nope no where does it say that this will be the end of listen servers (or P2P or any other phrase you want to use.)

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                  Trying to "derail" you?. Why do people on here make things personal when they clearly weren't? I'm not interested in assaulting your character. I am also not I interested in having someone changing what I said.


                  Proof?? Do your own research. I'm not grabbing imaginary things out of the air & passing them of as truth. I don't take it kindly when others do it so I'm not going to be a hypocrite & do it myself.


                  So that last paragraph, if you want to throw insults around that's all you. When people do that do they really want the truth?? I'm not going to attack back. Not BC I can't, I just don't see the point. Been there, done that, know the end result. Pointless. Believe what you want.

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                    66. Re: COD GHOSTS IS A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT

                    Yeh, update. Updates change. Change from what was initially said in this case. They said they would use the cloud before the release of the x1. But I'm sure you can't read that bc I can't type. :/

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                      67. Re: COD GHOSTS IS A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT

                      First of all your delorean statement wasnt needed even though it was an assault on my character may have been minor but it still wasnt needed. I quoted exactly what you said and even pointed out the COD games do not use P2P like you assumed.


                      You made the claim that they said the Xbox one will basically "get rid of the need for P2P". I didnt . So the proof does rely on your shoulders. If I were to claim President Obama punched a delegate in the mouth the proof would be on my shoulders to show a video or a link to a picture. Otherwise I am just full of it.


                      They did NOT mention that Ghosts will run on the Microsoft Cloud about 6 months before release. They stated that the game will run on dedicated servers using the FEATURES from the cloud nothing else.


                      Xbox One: Call of Duty Ghosts getting cloud-powered dedicated servers, console bundle revealed | VG247


                      Stories like this for example took what they said and turned it into "The cloud is the dedicated servers" I can understand that . Thats called bad reporting. but YOU claim that "They did say that right on this forum". Where ? Dont know how to use a search engine ? Or is it the fact that the prrof you had was either false or you found out you misunderstood ?


                      They announced for example at Gamerscon the Xbox one will have dedicated servers on the Xbox one. They stated that it will use the power of the cloud. But they never said the cloud will be the servers.


                      If you dont have proof thats fine wirh me, but a person with a real legit complaint would at least bring some shred of proof with him. Not shut his mouth when asked to put his money where his mouth is. But thats fine you can wimp out if you want. If you dont provide proof to back up your statements you ARE bringing it up out of thin air. The burden of proof is on you because you made that statement. I didnt make that staement so why should I have to prove it ? Why should I do your homework for you.


                      If it were a court of law and the defendant stated his client was at a party and didnt commit the murder HE would have to bring people up to the stand to prove his statement. No one elses job. If he didnt have any witnesses then guess what ? The judge is going to claim he pulled it out of thin air. You dont want to be like the other hypocrites well you are just like them because you refuse to back up your statement.


                      I just did provide a link to where they didnt say it, so now your job is to provide something older or against the proof that I showed. I have already done my part. Now the ball is on your side of the court.


                      As I said do you want to go off on another tangent away from what I said and just stay on that subject for a while ? Like for example critique my flower statement just to show I have no clue what I am taking about yet supposedly you do ?

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                        68. Re: COD GHOSTS IS A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT

                        DrEggsta wrote:


                        Yeh, update. Updates change. Change from what was initially said in this case. They said they would use the cloud before the release of the x1. But I'm sure you can't read that bc I can't type. :/

                        Yeah updates do change but they still keep the older information of other updates on there. That link I posted was from the first time ever that they mentioned on the forum about the cloud.


                        See you can update what you just said above but I got proof of what you said the first time in case you edited it.


                        If you will notice for example that twitter link that was posted right AFTER teenas post says exactly the same thing teena said.


                        TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter


                        Rankismet quoted her further down the page so if she updated her statement (or changed it according to you ) Rankismets post still stayed the same of what she originally said.

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                          69. Re: COD GHOSTS IS A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT

                          so you honestly didn't grin w/that cheesy delorean joke? I laughed. I don't see how anyone can get offended at that & nor wasi trying to be ugly. I think you could tell if I was being ugly. I almost put lol in there but I figured you'd get it. my guess is you did chuckle but are so set on making a point that you twisted it into something personal. laugh some. I'm not the enemy. I can be but I'm not.


                          anyways, sheesh man. I don't claim to be a know it all. no one likes a know-it-all. to err s human & I embrace my humanity. to many forum punks on here are so worried about being right, not wrong no matter who they trample on.


                          I don't need proof. nor do I need you to do any homework for me??? really then, wait, you wanna somehow tie in the fact I won't put up a link for you with the assumption I don't know how to use a search  engine. you're funny buddy. if you were really intent on contributing to this conversation then performing a small search on your own would be no more a big deal for you than anyone else. instead, you've mucked this thread up with desperate shows of how you are correct. this is the internet. I'm not out to get you. I don't know you. the fact I have had to repeat myself to you many times & you not asking what I meant shows that you aren't trying to offer anything positive. then you wanna quote something I said as a) an example of an update & b) to show I can't go back & edit/change what I said. ok, you got me there. I don't know where I've change anything but ok, you got me. happy now???


                          IW said they were going to use the cloud. blogs & magazines reported it. others here have stated reading the same thing. I'm not worried about proving you wrong or myself being proved wrong. I am human. i'll just move on. in fact, I'm about to play some ghosts, wanna join? lighten up fella.

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