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        Yeah C4 makes grenades pointless and weak. C4 is like a semtex 10x that you can explode whenever you want.


        What's worse is we've got people running around with riot shields and C4, even though I am shooting straight at their head with a LMG somehow they can stop time, drop their shield, throw the C4, get their shield back up, restart time, and blow me up before my bullet can travel 3 feet from the barrel of my gun into their face. They do the same with throwing knives. Totally ridiculous!

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          They havent released any patches yet so of course nothing has changed...

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            Giving exactly what people ask for is the best way to kill this game.

            Good customer service is not giving what they ask but rather giving them what they want.


            You need to understand your product enough to figure out “why” they are asking for specific changes to understand what exactly they hope to achieve with these changes.


            You need to understand who makes up the bulk of the COD community and make improvements that will benefit the majority of the COD community.


            In these forums we hear about a very small portion of the COD community.  We do not hear from the all the players that try the game and quit because they feel that they have no chance to play because they get killed soon after spawning.


            In these forums we hear from players that want 30/50 kills and next to no deaths and they are asking for changes to further increase their kill to death ratios; they hate anything that kills them.  This of course makes absolutely no sense as it means designing a game to satisfy one player in a 12 player lobby; making the game enjoyable for this one player only.


            I have personally given up on the Multiplayer option and have only played extinction for the last month.  I am still debating if extinction alone is worth purchasing any future DLC’s.


            I will not return to Multiplayer until I hear of an update that aims to provide us with skill base matchmaking.  I love everything about Ghost, the maps, the weapons but I hate that it is designed for one or two players in every lobby with everyone else simply being targets.

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              agreed with you on the last part...its nice to see the o!ccasional 2.5 kd +...instead of every lobby being full of 0.50's....nice to actually have a competition...as for me...cantwait for the League Playish update!!!

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                teanah wrote:


                Spawning: Spawning is one of the most talked about subjects in Ghosts, and it’s one of the most talked about subjects here at the studio as well. We’ve been addressing bugs with the current spawning system, but feel we can do more to make the experience better. We are currently working on significant changes to the spawning system based off of the learnings and play data that we have gathered over the last 5 weeks. Work is progressing here and we recently had our first internal playtest of this new system. The designers are working feverishly to get it ready to go live and we will keep you up-to-date on our progress.


                Operations: We are looking at large, potential changes for Operations. For instance, we are looking into increasing XP rewards for completing operations. More info to come.

                Any updates on this? Everything else from the post was implemented in the Dec 23rd update except these two. It would also be great to know what else is in the works (fingers crossed for Demolition, CTF, HQ, Hardpoint, and/or HC SnD)

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                  Hacking/Cheating: We have a dedicated Online Security department enforcing our online code of conduct for Call of Duty: Ghosts [click here]. This team is actively banning cheaters, cleaning up the leaderboards, and fixing hacked stats. The development team is fixing hacks and exploits as we find them. Please refer to the patch notes for a list of security fixes we’ve already addressed [click here]



                  May I suggest you create the ability to report from simply clicking on their name in the  pre-game lobby, also during games there should be a list of players currently connected to the game lobby as the other method of reporting players during games (esc > F1 > Right Arrow > Find the person > Click > Report) isn't really intuitive.

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                    the msbs is still overpowered even after the nerf.

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                      Where the hell are the ******* PC fixes???????????

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                        How about fixing the GOD DAMN game crashing my PS3 every 10 minutes.  This is a VAST problem that everyone seems to be blaming on someone else.  Bought the game and have played about 1 hour of matches in 2 weeks...WTF.  Someone at IW or Activision needs to come out and address this issue because I have done EVERY damn fix out there and I can never finish a match.

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