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    Detailed Clan Statistics...


      So the title is self explanatory but I'll elaborate.  I don't know how a lot of other clans operate but I reward my most active members for their service.  I don't see any reason a few simple reports can't be created that display the statistics broken down by player, by clan war for the commander and lt commander to view in game and in app. 


      No one wants to grind 30 hours into game over a 5 day period and not be recognized for their efforts.  Well without stats on our players that is inevitable unless I sit on xbox.com all damn day and refresh to see when each member is done with a game and compare to the phone app.  What a pain in the rear!


      I'm just asking for 1 report.  let me filter by clan war, and by player, and of course overall clan stats.  I'm sure it has already been discussed at the development center so lets get it done.  Statistics are the most vital tool any person in charge can have in order to establish efficiency and recognize patterns over time.

      And of course reward their best players with things like free xbox live time and gift cards for games and DLC's.



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          I'd be down for this. While I'd rather they focus on the more pressing matters like registering wins and matching clans in a fair bracket, these stats would be cool to have. Let's be real though, they won't reward us with free stuff like that. There'd be more incentive to exploit and cheat the system for things that have monetary value.

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            I mentioned this concept in my Wish List for Clans post (#2 and #6) as well as in my Clan War Feedback post (under the COD App section). We need these types of stats to truly be effective as clan leaders.

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              I'll agree with this as well.  Statistics would be a great addition to our arsenal as Clan Leaders.  This system goes through so many changes and is so buggy that trying to figure things out now just seems like too daunting a task for most.

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                I am also in agreement with this. I believe having such a report would also allow for a more even distribution of members among squads. Also, who doesn't like being recognized for their contributions? For example you have 2, 6 man squads; squad A consists of K/D ratio 1.5 or higher members with a 3.0 w/l ratio, whereas squad B consists of casual gamers that have a 1.1 k/d or less and a 2.0 or less w/l ratio. Squad A would be the optimal choice for tournament gaming however, for clan wars, it would be more efficient to split these teams in half and mix them so as to have 2 balanced teams. This also provides the opportunity for the more advanced players to teach or advise lower scored team members with the strategies and tactics needed to play at a higher level. Thus increasing overall clan effectiveness.