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    A simple question, no tricks

      When you heard COD was getting Dedicated servers did you


      1) Presume by dedicated servers they meant as used in Battle field. Where a central Hub hosted the game.



      2) Did you presume something else.


      I'm am interested if this was just the stupidity of a small section of the player base or if people in general misunderstand the information due to how it was worded and released.


      1 for me based on the information circulated before release.

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          Didn't really follow anything after hearing that and honestly even forgot about it until people started complaining.

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            I thought it was only for the xbox one though. I've always presumed they would support that system over the 360. Just my opinion and reading between the lines.

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              1.      But I have haven't seen any evidence of dedicated servers yet.

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                I was even hoping I'll be able to rent my own server and implement my own rules.

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                  Can't do this here. Typing 1 or 2 is not a discussion.

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                    But that doesnt mean anything because 1 can still be true regardless of what you meant.


                    Everyone expected their to be Battlefeild type servers and there are battlefeild type servers. There are also hybrid servers as well. So guess what BOTH are right. There is basically one type of dedicated server used in console games and weve got them. We have had them in some places back in Blops 2 called choopa servers.


                    I think what you question should be is based on the AMOUNT of servers they stated.


                    But you see, you state "A simple question" but meanwhile your question is already biased because you claim a small amount of the player base are stupid. You dont say which set of people but it is still biased. And knowing your repetitiveness of this subject you are biased against people that dont see it your way.


                    And if I remember correctly a small percentage of the player base did misunderstand what they said and thought they lied when they didnt.


                    So who are you prelabling the stupid ones as ?


                    BTW the one fact you keep ignoring is that BEFORE the game was released they mentioned hybrid servers. But again you ignore that because you think they didnt announce it til after.


                    Now lets go back the an Xbox ONE story. During the "german Gamercon" they said the words that "Everybody will be getting a copy of FIFA 4 with their pre-orders of the Xbox one." Does that mean they also lied to US because no one got a copy of the game in the US with their Xbox ? That means you should base your purchase on the very few words quoted.

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                      I mean seriously is this how a 43 year old war vet is supposed to act ? Are you so addicted to a video game that you got nothing to do but complain on the forums over something as simple as a 60 dollar game ?


                      Back when I was going thru dating girlfreinds if I had this many problems with her I would have left her weeks ago.


                      But here you are day after day obsessing over a video game with 3 or 4 brand new hate posts per day. Bordering on insanity.



                      your questions arent even based on the point you are trying to make.



                      Here is a transcript of some of the interview that started it all Xbox Gamerscon breifing .....


                      "Dedicated servers will be used on current gen, next gen and PC with Ghosts. And, in order to make sure that people have the best possible experience regardless of platform, location or connection, Ghosts will be using a hybrid system of dedicated servers and listen servers. So no matter where you are the game will always be trying to give you the best online performance possible."



                      announced around middle of August, NOT after the game was released.


                      Now does anyone have PROOF of anything earlier saying otherwise ? Probably not.

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                        2   only because I never played BF.


                        I'm not too swift when it comes to connectivity tech. But a couple things came to my mind.


                        It would be like CoD4 and WaW. I thought we had dedicated servers back then. When the host left a game, the game would end and "host ended game" would pop up. I also remember a very large part of the PC community in an uproar when they heard MW2 was not going to have dedi's.


                        Another thing that came to mind was the Respawn article. Originally the whole dedicated server thing had to do with the next-gens. Respawn Entertainment | Let’s talk about the Xbox Live Cloud


                        Then comes the forum thread. GHOSTS ONLINE CONNECTIVITY UPDATE

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                          I presumed what they wanted people to assume when they announced it--that, you guessed it, there would be dedi's all around. 

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                              I havent seen any proof yet of dedicated servers at all.

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                                I didn't create this thread to cause an argument. I was curious if I was the only person who had presumed wrongly when I read the announcement and saw all the YouTube videos and magazine reviews about it. I'm not saying any one lied or twisted the truth. I was just interested and thought maybe such feedback would be constructive for IW / Activision on how to address and word announcement in the future. If they see the majority of there consumers do not see things as they do, maybe they might consider wording stuff so sad old men like myself might correctly understand the content.


                                That would save the forums from being full of people complaining about a feature due to misunderstanding it's content. Sorry for trying to help.....

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                                    Keepmequite wrote:


                                    That would save the forums from being full of people complaining about a feature due to misunderstanding it's content. Sorry for trying to help.....

                                    This part here totally made me LOL.

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                                      Well the last post you made in another thread said again that they lied to us. Then you add the fact that you made an entire thread stating they lied to us when barely anyone agreed to you.


                                      If you didnt want to start an argument then why did you call a handful of people stupid ? You biased your topic before it even started. If you wanted to take an unbiased poll and get what other people thought you shouldnt bias the people who are going to answer your poll. Because then you are going to get different results.


                                      Thats all I am saying besides the fact you spent too much time obssessed with a video game for a 43 year old vet. If you were a 14 year old kid I could understand. When I got my first Nintendo at that age I stayed up all night playing that thing for weeks. But I spend no more that 2 hours on a video game , and I own hundreds of them. Got almost every system out there and games for all of them. Never throw anything away. When I die whoever I leave them to will cream in his jeans. But videos games still are a lower priority for me.

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                                      I am not really sure as I did not follow the whole dedicated server thing. Figured it was to good to be true. But I can say that in the 2 days and a few hours of actual play time I have, I have only seen a host migration twice. Compared to previous games, that is nothing. So maybe there is something different this time around?

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                                        I was surprised by the statement, and read more about how they should improve the games connection. When more information was leaked, about availability and timing I realized it was not going to be for everyone and so nothing else really changed. I did read recently that there is a server in my state: Florida.