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    Eleven Gaming looking for XBONE/Ladies & 17+ members!  www.11gaming.com



      "Fortune Favors the Bold!"




      Hey! My names Leu, Founder and Leader of the Eleven Gaming Army. You can find us on social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube or by visiting our website at 11gaming.com for further inquiry.


      Remember the time(s) you wanted to play a game with multiple friends yet they were nowhere to be found? Hmm, us too. That's why we created Eleven Gaming. So we & now you, will never have to game alone again. 17+ Mature & overwhelmed with gaming passion.


      About Us:

      We''re a small tightly knit group of like-minded individuals looking to expand and bolster our ranks. At the time I write this we are currently Rank 11 and growing having recently achieved Gold Tags. In the first Clan War we posted 22 Points in the Platinum Division finishing in 4th Place despite having much fewer numbers than other clans. We primarily play Hardcore Kill Confirmed but are looking to venture more efficiently into other game types.

      I personally have recently moved to the Xbox One since launch and am looking for recruits whom are also exclusive to the X1.


      What separates us from the rest is our vivid scopes and goals. We dream as much as any but when we do we aim high and dream big to succeed. We are and forever will be a family foremost and aim to be the sexiest group you have laid your eyes upon. Promise. The community was founded by a duo of friends, Leu & Remedy, and is predominately of the PvP (player versus player) archetype which thrives on battles with other guilds and players. That said, We have decided to ‘up the ante’ and elevate ourselves as a collective into something bigger. An all encompassing Competitive & Casual, FPS, PvP, Raid-centric, role-playing ever-changing and adaptive guild. Hence the creation of Eleven Gaming in May of 2013. We are a cross-gaming community with an aim to play multiple games simultaneously.

      How do we aim to achieve this? Quite simply, we all have different tastes, moods, play-styles and availability. In time we'll have a core base in each game/mode we play and provide a dominant presence through teamwork.

      If you are 17+ and interested this is not just an opportunity to join a clan but to join a community of gamers forever from game to game and generation to generation. Have other skills? Perhaps you like making videos, graphic design and/or tutorials? You've come to the right place, get in on the bottom level. So what do you say?

      Interested? Apply here register on our forums and/or contact me in game at mine: thenamesLeu


      Fortune Favors the Bold!