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    Consurgo Gaming (Xbox 360) is recruiting for Competitive Team and Recreational Squad

      This isn't your ordinary clan. This is a fraternity of skilled players who go out in the CoD world to conquer any and all competition that stands in our path. Whether it be a charge up the middle on Overlord to lock down Bravo Checkpoint in a game of Domination, or running the flank on Whiteout in Search and Destroy with a Sniper Rifle to take out the opposition, Consurgo plays it all! Not only do we play whatever game mode comes our way, we play to win, and win big - every time!


      Consurgo Gaming is driven by skill and expertise of CoD, and we are built upon the moral principles of loyalty, respect, integrity, and pride. If you believe you have what it takes to join our squad, then hit us up today and show us what you got.


      Here at Consurgo Gaming, we strive for excellence, professionalism, respect, and of course, victory in dominating fashion! A newly established clan for Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Consurgo is actively recruiting skilled and active players eager to play with and against the "best of the best". If this describes your gaming style and preferences, look no further! Hit us up today!


      Check out our website for more info: Consurgo Gaming

      Also, you can check out our original recruitment thread for more info as well: Starting a new Xbox 360 clan (CoD: Ghosts)

      If interested in applying, contact xX MethodzHD Xx on XBL