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    Clan wars fail... Please help

      My clan wars wins are not being recorded and i just find it unfair that me and my friends have been playing a lot to participate in the war and more than half of our wins were not recorded, is there anyway to fix this or am I just beat?

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          Re: Clan wars fail... Please help
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            Re: Clan wars fail... Please help

            I'm having the same problem.  It's been over a day and some of our wins just aren't showing up.  What's going on?  Is this going to get fixed.  Also, Clan App was working on my Nexus 7 and now it's not, when's that going to get fixed?

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                Re: Clan wars fail... Please help

                in regards to the app not working, try the following [ANDROID] Call of Duty App Guide .


                In most cases your app just needs to be cleared and it will work again.  The only time the app should fail is if it's failing for everyone else.  Checking with others to see if their app is failing can help validate if it's the app or just your app.


                Also, check out How scoring works in clan wars it should help you understand it better.  In most cases, your wins are there you just may not be seeing them in realtime.  for example, Node is uncaptured, takes 15 wins to cap it, we have 8 wins, but our clan doesn't show 8 wins, etc  Once you cap it you'll start seeing wins registered in the list.  if it takes 15 to cap it, you'll cap it in 15 unless it's owned at which point see the link above on scoring.


                Hope this helps you out


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                Re: Clan wars fail... Please help

                No kidding! My clan had 56 CP and played for three hours and no points were recorded at all! So MAD

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                    Re: Clan wars fail... Please help

                    Mad because you didn't understand the rules?


                    UPDATE 11/27: I’ve heard from several players who are confused about how nodes are won, lost, and regained — I’m fielding perfectly understandable questions like “why aren’t my wins counting?” and “why can’t I take back this node?” I think this sample scenario may help clarify things:

                    1. Clan A takes a node for 60 wins (congratulations!).
                    2. Clans B through H no longer accrue wins for themselves; instead, their victories chip away at the leader’s wins instead.
                    3. Clan A can still add wins during this time if their wins come in faster than other Clans’ wins. This is tough, since the fight is now seven Clans against one Clan, but it’s doable if Clan A is racking up a lot of wins during this time.
                    4. Clan A receives the bonus XP until they are officially dethroned, even if they are holding on by 1 win.
                    5. Clan A eventually gets dethroned, and their wins are reduce to zero. Clans B through H now pick up their win counters where they left off and continue to progress toward 60 wins.
                    6. Clan H is the first to hit 60 and takes the node (congratulations!). Clans A through G start chipping away at Clan H’s lead. The process repeats. (Clan A will not see their wins “count” at this point if they try to retake the node, because they are actually chipping away at Clan H’s tally. They aren’t moving up from zero wins, because Clan H is going down from 60 wins.)

                    Basically: If you want to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man. And once the man is beaten, it’s a seven-way race to the top. Defending a node is tough, but so is working your way back up from zero — and this is where your clan’s personal strategy comes into play.

                    Source http://oneofswords.com/2013/11/everything-you-need-to-know-about-clan-wars/

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