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        40. Re: Xbox One Headset

        Special thanks to mcdonamw and newm8n (sp?). I got it to work. Really appreciate all the help.

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          41. Re: Xbox One Headset

          if anyone wants to get macgyver with a soldering iron it seems its pretty straight forward to make an adaptor for headsets out of the existing one

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          *disclaimer I really wouldnt attempt this if you arent confident of your skills

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            42. Re: Xbox One Headset

            Sorry Mac, had to remove the link. If someone attempted this and damage the equipment, we could be help responsible.



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              43. Re: Xbox One Headset

              ahh ok no worries

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                44. Re: Xbox One Headset

                You're welcome.


                On a side note, I ventured into this mod myself and I'm not sure I did it right.  I mean it's working (YAY!!!), but I have some volume issues.  I went the route of taking an existing 2.5mm cable, cutting one end off and then soldering the wires to the chat puck as described in the Funkydiver posting (which is now offline for some reason.. wonder if he got a cease/desist from MS).


                Anyway I get voice and can use my mic, but I'm having a volume issue between the game volume and the chat volume.  I have the Astro mixamp so I can tweak the volume towards game or voice but as soon as I can hear one fine, I can hardly hear the other.. regardless of which side I go to.  I'm wondering if this is just a limitation of the sound from the Xbox and/or Ghosts (as there's no separate volume controls anywhere) or if I have bad solder joints.  Any ideas???

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                  45. Re: Xbox One Headset

                  How on earth could you be held responsible?  That makes no sense.  And apparently moderation only comes in small waves.  Any link I put online here gets stripped automatically, yet this post has a link to a board that in turn links right back to what I originally linked.. yet it's there to stay.


                  Re: Is anyone using their Kinect for in-game chat in Ghosts?

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                    46. Re: Xbox One Headset

                    I wonder if it has to do with the ground which seems to act like a shield too. I partially know what you mean. Some players are more "muted" than others. Kinect mic works okay for chat but volume drops significantly.

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                      47. Re: Xbox One Headset

                      Yeah I was wondering about ground myself. The cable I have only has 3 wires with one being ground, but the new Xbox has 4 wires, with two of them being ground (one for speaker and one for mic). I split the one ground I had across the two on the chat puck. I wonder if that causes an issue.


                      It's either that or a limitation with that puck and my mix amp, eg. Not enough power being sent across the line. I dunno. I'm frustrated.

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                        48. Re: Xbox One Headset

                        Here is a post on sevensins about the mod. I have done this and works perfect. However do be careful to not let the wires touch or you will get an echo as my first mod had this issue. All fixed now and the second time was perfect. I used the connector from radio shack and all went well.



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                          49. Re: Xbox One Headset

                          What connector? The 2.5 mm cable?

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