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    Lookin 4 Clan PS3, Clan War Active Only.

      As title says Looking for Clan on Ghosts(PS3) I won't join if I can't get a spot in a group of 4 fighting for the clan in wars. I really want the customization gear that the wins rake in. You won't regret adding me to the roster. That being said My K/D isn't the best but I work good with a team, and have yet to find one in Ghosts. I've ranked in top 10 platinum div league play on B.O.2. Reached Max Prestige on every cod I've played etc. Also a big zombie player 50-80 round record on most maps B.O.1/2 haven't played extinction much but could go far with a good group, So yeah reply on here or just inv me, PSN is lllYouDieSlowlll  (all the "lll"s are"L"s not "i"s)