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    Operations fix needed!

      It has been 11 days since I have been able to access operations, something needs to be done about this asap.


      Its pretty clear that the issue leading to the glitch has been ironed out, but instead of doing something to assist those affected, since the glitch is tied to the "countdown to new operations" clock it appears their solution is to just let our 14 day clocks countdown until the problem fixes itself.


      Hence all the "we appreciate your patience" copy and paste responses, what they really mean is.  We've discovered the issue and being that only a small group is affected and the issue will eventually fix itself, you just need to be patient and wait 14 days because we have no intention of doing anything.


      You have 3 days to prove me wrong and I really honestly hope you do, because if not you'll definitely be losing another member of your gaming community... Hopefully it'll sink in to someone up there that you can't treat your community like this and expect them to keep coming back.

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          Re: Operations fix needed!

          mine has been down for over 16 days

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            Re: Operations fix needed!

            i am curious as to what the problem is.  I had the operations thing, too, but the latest title update fixed it for me.  is this something different?

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              Re: Operations fix needed!

              Try the search feature or posting this in the support section.


              • It is an inconsistent, difficult to reproduce bug.
              • They have said they working on a fix.
              • But an inconsistent, difficult to reproduce bug takes time to fix.


              You may not like the reality... but that is what it is.

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                  Re: Operations fix needed!

                  searching for the other posts about this is pointless once the mods on here give there copy and paste response they lock the thread. it basically dies there not going to come and tell us there is a fix hell some threads just like this one on the support forums took over a week just to get the same copy and past answer.

                  as for the inconsistency of the bug its with the first patch they dropped when the tried fixing the operations functionality. they broke it for some people there for all you have to do is fix the coding for that part of the patch and bug is gone. im sorry but if it takes you over 2 weeks to fix a portion of a patch that had a handful of items in it then maybe they need to find a more reliable   IT group. when other developers can drop a patch see something didn't work properly and roll out a fix sometimes over night sometimes in a few days i have never seen this type of utter disregard for a bug that ruins players experience like this bug does.

                  even the fact that some people are saying hey that last patch fixed my operations but now if i try looking at the first class operations it takes me to a fake lobby. still others are having the original issue still shows they have no clue what there doing at all and basically blindly hitting every nail that sticks out hoping that that fixes there broken game.


                  end of rant

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                  Re: Operations fix needed!

                  We understand that you're frustrated, but do please follow our rules. There are also feedback threads where you can voice your opinions. Just be as clear and cool headed as possible.



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