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    KD goes down too quick


      gone from 1.91 to 1.84 within less than 2 days ffs


      but takes ages to go back up?

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          It only goes down "too quick" when you die too much, it's basic math, kills divided by deaths.

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            if you have tried to average anything, you now going down is easier than up. to go up, you have to score quite a bit higher than your average. this means you need to have a ton of 2:1 games to increase it, while anything less than 1.9:1 brings it down.


            that being said, i'm negative in this game which is quite humbling as i did really well in all the other games. i only play HC TDM KC, so that may be why.

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                have you ever done math lmao of course it is easier to make it go down then up, and your not the only one dealing with that a lot of people have posted lower stats then previous games



                Game 1- 10-0 10 KD

                Game 2- 10-5 4 KD

                Game 3- 10-5 3 KD



                no matter how you see it you kd will fall, dont worry so much about stats and you will have more fun

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                    I can agree with you in seeing lower stats than previous games.  But, I have also seen this with all of the COD's, there are changes made to the game and players adapt.  Generally after about 3 weeks of a game being out I see some of my better players bringing their KDR back up to where they like to see it.  I will say this though, there were a LOT of changes put into this game which is making it a bit harder to get up to where you would like to be, keep at it and you will get there.

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                  thats why its good to stay in school childeren.

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                    OMG  When i die a lot my kd goes down.  What do I do?  Is there something wrong with the leader boards?

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                      You can't get mad that your kd is dropping. Its all math its noway to avoid it unless you get higher than your kd each match.

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                        I was going to throw some simple math out for this kid, but you all nailed it on the head.  Well done everyone well done

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                          On second thought maybe this player needs some simple math logic showed to him ready folks here we go:


                          You are Johnny Appleseed and you work for a apple picking company, your boss gave you a goal of 100 apples to pick in a day.  You being a good worker went out and picked 100 apples your first day.  Your apple pick to demand ratio is a 1 to 1 or a 1.00 (100 divided by 100).  The next day because you think you are king ding a ling you feel you can pick half of the apples as the previous day (50 damn apples).  Well now Mr. Appleseed you are picking apples at a 75% rate or 0.75 so your apple to demand ratio has gone down in one day .25, wow.  But WAIT what if you were a super apple picker on day 2? Let's say you picked 150 apples that would put your apple pick to demand ratio at 1.25 a variance of .25 which happens to be the same variance of the previous "you suck at apple picking" numbers.  So NO your KDR isn't going down too fast, you are just failing to meet your apple picking requirements or beating the requirements per game.  Thank you have a nice day.  P.S. I'm a bit drunk and I sure hope my math is holding up here, but I'm pretty sure my 7th grade teacher taught me right.

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                            What difference does it make?  I like ghosts because you actually have to go and find your k/D, it's not in your face all the time like in BO2. I know mine is low compared to you chest beating pros, but I don't care. I play because it's fun, not so I can come on the forum and brag how good I am or try to pimp YouTube's.

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                                What? 30 minutes since you posted that and someone that could not calculate a kdr with a calculator and click by click instructions hasn't told you to "either quit or get your skillz up"  (They like the z because they think it's gangsta)