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    Clan Wars FAQ

      Lots of new information was just released regarding Clan Wars. I figured I'd put it into a FAQ of sorts that we can point people to when they have a question. Here's my summary with a link to the full source at the bottom. If you have any other questions/thoughts of something that is missing from this FAQ let me know and I will get it added.

      1) How do I participate in a clan war?

      Your clan will be enlisted automatically in a clan war, whether you are an active clan or not. Just by playing the game you could be participating in a clan war without even realizing it.



      2) How do I earn points for my clan? Do I have to play with other clan members to earn points for the clan?

      Points are earned in Clan Wars by capturing nodes. To capture a node, you must reach the target number of wins for that node. You can play individually or with clan members. Each game that a member wins gives a point to the clan for that node. Playing in a lobby with 6 members gives you 6 wins, a lobby with 2 members give you 2 wins, and a lobby with 1 member will give you 1 win (assuming you win).


      Update - As of the Oahu clan war, you can now earn CP just by holding down a node. After holding the node for a specified amount of time you can earn bonus CP for each node you hold.



      3) How does my team get paired up with the 7 other teams?

      This is based on the skill of your team (things like K/D and W/L ratios), the size of your clan, and the amount of activity in your clan. Meaning a clan of 50 members who play 15 hours a day won't be teamed up against a clan of 50 members who play 4 hours a day. All of these are taken into consideration when determining who the 7 other teams are that you will be competing against.



      4) How many members are required to be in my clan in order to participate?

      You must have 3 members in your clan at the time of auto-enrollment in order to participate. You also need to have the clan configured and setup before the clan war starts as you can not get placed mid-war. Auto-enrollment is likely 12 hours before the clan war starts.



      5) How do I get the exclusive Triad reticle and the patch for participating in the first Clan War?

      If you did not participate int he first ever clan war, then you are not eligible for these 2 items. They were exclusive to the first ever clan war, not the first clan war that your clan participated in. Some patches are also exclusive to that war and thus you won't be able to unlock it unless you were one of the top teams in the war.



      6) What are the locations in a clan war?

      There are 8 teams in a clan war and 10 locations to battle it out. Each location ties directly to a game mode in the multiplayer menu. For example, 3 possible locations could be Cranked, TDM, or HC TDM. The Hardcore Game modes are separated from the core game modes.  Each win in a possible location will give your clan a point for that node.



      7) How do I win a clan war?

      Your clan can be the top clan in a clan war by earning the most CP.  You earn CP by capturing nodes.


      Update as of the Oahu Clan War - You can now also earn CP by holding down nodes (hold it for 24 hours and you earn 4 CP).



      8) What does my clan earn for participating in a clan war? What are the rewards/prizes?

      XP Multipliers - While you hold down a location, you can get XP bonuses for all clan members playing that particular game mode. For example, if you hold down the location for Cranked, every clan member who plays cranked while holding down that location will earn 1.25 times every XP point in that game. Once you lose the location, the multiplier goes away. This multiplier applies to moshpit playlists when the specified game mode comes up as well. The actual amount of the multiplier could change for each clan war.


      Clan XP - This is rewarded at the end of each Clan War to the clan for their participation in the clan war.


      In-game rewards - Participating in clan wars and especially being one of the top teams in a clan war can also net you some in-game rewards such as backgrounds, patches, and reticles.



      9) How long does each clan war last?

      The first clan war will last 1 week and is shorter so that they can pass on any quick fixes to the system before the next one.  The typical duration will be 2 weeks per clan war though each one can technically be a different duration. Expect the 2 week duration to be pretty standard.


      Update - They are working through this and trying to determine the best length of time.



      10) If I leave the clan do I get to keep my unlocks?

      If you are part of the clan when you earn the unlock, then you get to keep it even if you leave the clan. If you join later, you will not automatically get the previous unlocks. The only exception is Patches. Those belong to the clan and thus you will lose those.



      11) Does my entire team have to play one specific mode?

      No, your team can play in any of the modes that correspond to locations in the war. In fact, since there are more locations than teams, it is likely going to be a good strategy to focus on a couple main modes so that you can maximize your points.



      12) Will there be a delay between Clan Wars?

      Right now clan wars have about a week between them. The times vary. Your best bet is to follow @Beachheadstudio on Twitter as that is how they announce the wars.



      13) How does my Clan emblem get implemented into this?

      If you clan controls a node on the map, then your clan emblem will appear in the node for all the competing clans to see.



      14) What game modes are supported? Can I play Clan vs Clan game modes?

      Any game mode that is in the Standard or Hardcore playlist should be eligible, though it must be one of the 10 modes found in the Clan War.


      Clan vs Clan mode is NOT part of the Clan Wars as it is not part of the Standard or Hardcore game mode list. Even though it is still Core TDM (for example), it still won't count as it is not the normal Core TDM which is 6v6.




      15) My wins don't seem to be counting. How does the scoring work?

      Each node has a target number of wins that are required to capture that node. Each team's win count will be increasing at this point until someone reaches the goal. Once the node is captured, your clan earns the specified amount of CP for that node. You don't earn any more CP for that node unless you lose it and re-capture it. As of the second Clan War, you can now earn 4 CP if you hold a node for a full 24 hours.


      Once a node is captured, any win for the team that is holding it earns will add to their number of wins.  However, every win in that node from any clan member on the other 7 teams will deduct from the captors wins instead of adding to their own. Once the captor's win count reaches 0, everyone will start to earn wins again and now the mode is able to be re-captured. Once one clan captures it, the cycle continues to repeat.


      Each node has a different CP value. Capture a node and then move on to another node to earn more CP.  The more nodes you capture (or re-capture) the more CP you earn.  It's okay to lose a node as you can then re-attempt to capture it.


      Here's another thread which attempts to explain this: How scoring works in clan wars

      Another good explanation by IW & Beachhead: Call of Duty® Clan Wars – Capturing, Defending, and Losing Nodes


      Scoring Update as of Feb 3, 2014

      Each capture of a node will reduce the node's CP by 2. The holding bonus will increase to 1 CP every 2 hours.  Each time a hold bonus is applied, the CP for the node being held will go up by 1. The max CP for each node will be 2X the starting CP value (the value at the beginning of the war). The min CP value for each node will be 3.



      16) I just got my 3rd teammate, how do I participate in the current clan war?

      You need to wait till the next clan war starts as you are not able to join mid-war.



      17) If I add a clan member in the middle of a clan war will their wins count?

      Yes, you can add a clan member at any point and as long as they are in the clan it will count as a win for your clan.



      18) Why do new members added after the clan war still count? The Roster Lock doesn't seem to be working.

      At the point of roster lock all clans have their membership counted, shortly thereafter matchmaking occurs. What the roster lock does is it limits the number of players in the clan that can contribute wins; if your clan has a lock of 10 the first 10 members of the clan to score a win will contribute for the duration of the clan war regardless of when they joined.


      For this reason you may well see clans with seemingly large numbers of players in a division which seems to be intended for lower clan sizes, but the same cap exists as does for all other clans.


      An example to illustrate : Clan A has 20 members at the moment the roster lock is made. They then recruit 10 new guys, and kick out 5 inactive members taking them to 25 members total. When the clan is matchmade into a division they are treated as though they have 20 members, and when the clan war starts only the first 20 members to register a win are counted for the duration of the clan war.


      Think of it as a roster count lock - you cannot exceed the number of contributors to your clan war performance than you had when the count was done.


      This approach serves several purposes, not least of all that it doesn't leave clans who are maybe less interested, or are not actively competing in clan wars unable to recruit. Similarly clans who find members unavailable during the clan war can draft in replacements to take their place.


      The term roster lock implies that recruiting is frozen, but it was decided the term was appropriate since the system used has the same overall effect.



      Where can I get more info?


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          Re: Clan Wars FAQ

          thanks for the information.  been trying to figure out where to enlist.  so those 3 game modes at any time.  got it.  have 5 on team right now. 

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            Re: Clan Wars FAQ

            Thanks for the information LifeSong1. Just curious, I am a little confused. Must you play in the Clan VS Clan lobby to particpate in clan wars?

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                Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                No. You play in the normal multiplayer modes. Technically, the Clan War will have 10 possible modes. I would recommend only playing in those specific modes. Let's say that Cranked was NOT in the list of 10 modes for that particular war. In that situation, I'd recommend to my clan members to not be playing cranked for that 2 week timeframe and instead focus on a game mode that is in the list.


                As for the Clan vs Clan, I would assume that those will count as well, but I'm not 100% sure if they count as well. I'll try to get word on that.

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                    Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                    Here's the official response I got regarding clan vs clan in Clan Wars:


                    Twitter / OneOfSwords: @LifeSong_Xbox I don't believe ...


                    LifeSong - @LifeSong_Xbox

                    @OneOfSwords Specific Clan Wars question: If you play Clan vs Clan TDM would that still count in Clan Wars for a Core TDM node?


                    Dan Amrich [1oS] - @OneOfSwords

                    @LifeSong_Xbox I don't believe so, as that is not part of the core playlist. That's the clan versus clan playlist

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                        Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                        Thanks for the clarification. Now I am curious, what is the whole point for the clan vs clan lobby? I thought that was where the clan wars will all take place.

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                            Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                            The Clan vs Clan lobby is a 4v4 game mode where you can earn extra XP for your clan. It is a bit more competitive where there aren't random people in the lobby but instead you must be in one of the two clans to participate.  Players are often going to play a bit more strategic there (camping is a bit more prevalent especially in TDM).  It's one more way that a clan can earn Clan XP aside from just playing with 1 other player. It was never meant for Clan Wars and was never announced as part of Clan Wars, but there was never real announcement and clarification about what Clan Wars was until now.

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                      Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                      I just updated this FAQ with more accurate data and clarification on the scoring.

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                          Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                          Well, this is not true because I played for quite awhile yesterday on S&R. By myself and later with another clan member, and none of the wins showed up on the app. Not a single one.

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                          Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                          I know this isnt the most important issue floating around but I was thinking of leaving my clan. We have a number of patches which I understand from number 10 I will lose. If I join another clan that has already unlocked patches will they be available to me while I am in that clan?

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                            Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                            I added 3 new people to my clan today, and we have been participating in clan wars. Well, we have won a number of games and their not gaining wins for the clan. I had them reload their app, I had them restart CoD, and nothing seems to work. We have only been gaining wins from members who have been in the clan longer than a day. It hasn't been 24hours since they have been in the clan, but from what I understood, clan wins are supposed to happen once they are in the clan. And yes, I have verified that they are full members in my clan, have the app, sport clan tag, and are in the party with me while winning. Thanks for any info you can supply about this. D3ATH R3AP3RZ is my clan name.

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                              Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                              thank you for the info

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                                Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                                Thanks for the Info I was really lost with this!


                                In the app you always target a node, what is that for? is it so the rest of the team knows which node we wish to invade?

                                If I target the Domination Node, and the other less involved team players go for Search & Rescue, and lets say they win various matches, assuming i dont have that node, and they win countless matches, does that contribute to capturing Search & Rescue, or would their work there not be taken into consideration ??

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                                    Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                                    The primary target is to let your clan members what you want them to focus on. They can still play whatever they want and their wins will still count towards that mode. Again, it is primarily for communication more than anything.

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                                    Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                                    Can you tell me how the league placement works? We have come 2nd and 3rd in Silver and both times were relegated back to Bronze. I have also heard that winning Silver may not be enough to earn promotion to Gold. Do you know anything about this?

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                                      Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                                      after reading this most question should have been answered one I still skeptical about is a member doesn't log on to play in the war but clan wins does that player get rewards patches camp etc as well when they get on.

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                                        Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                                        Thanks for the info, its great because its not easy intel to find currently.

                                        Perhaps you know, when the clan wars started on friday (first day?) .. how is it possible for a team to stack up 300 CP +  .. my clan finished 2nd, but only because that team flew right threw the grids, and if you checked their stats, they had only played a couple of hours and already had their all prestiges. It must be some sort of hacked accounts right? is there any way to report such a phenomenon ??


                                        thanks. take care!

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                                          Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                                          I won 2 wars and did not release my mask! Anyone know the reason?

                                          Last Edited: Mar 11, 2014 6:09 AM
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                                            Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                                            I can not even sign up to diamond division help

                                            Last Edited: Mar 11, 2014 7:12 AM
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                                              Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                                              I'm a little confused when you mentioned clan configure, we've had a clan for a little while, and want to participate in this weeks clan war. I've downloaded the app and see that Cape Canaveral is the location. But I don't see an options to do anything. Or where I find out which game modes to play. Any help is appreciated

                                              Last Edited: Mar 19, 2014 11:17 AM
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                                                  Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                                                  You will see the clans you play against, the different modes, and the ability to specify a primary target once 12pm PST hits (40 minutes from now). Until then you can't do anything.

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                                                  Re: Clan Wars FAQ

                                                  Is it true that you don't have to be in the same lobby as a clan member, just online at the same time?

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