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    more Hardcore game modes please!

      I know most people don't play hardcore. but there is still a sizeable hardcore community out there, which I believe would grow if the game type options were available. in core mode your swamped with camping snipers using quick scope and claiming to have skills. hardcore helps weed them out but only if you have objective based game types S&D, Domination, maybe bring in blitz and a few others. it really cant be that complicated to offer more of the game modes they have in core in hardcore. I for one wont recommend this game to anyone until this changes. 8 game modes in core to 3 in hardcore........ epic fail infinity ward... see you all on battlefield 4

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          I don't even play hardcore but I think that HC should have every game type that Core does (Including Infected because that would be EPIC XD)

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            I completely agree.  This game is already slow paced and playing HC Kill Confirmed is painful since no one collects tags because it doesn't count towards point streaks.  It would be more enjoyable with HC Dom, HC cranked or HC blitz.  The hardcore community got screwed in this game. 

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                HC Cranked would be epic

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                    It really would be!!  This game is campy enough, no need to make it more campy in HC with pretty much no objective game modes.

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                      brandenc123 said "HC Cranked would be epic"

                      I would love to see HC Cranked!


                         If we could only get more people to say the same maybe they would. I have made several post about the lack of HC content. As a HC run-n-gun style player I really have one option HC KC, but that mode is horrible at the moment due to score streak setup. Right now players are rewarded for not working towards the objective....


                          Its like, sit here and camp watch for others to die and drop tag.....  Shoot enemy trying to pick up there tags.... YAY score streak reward with 0 tags taken!!.... Rinse and Repeat.


                      BOPS2 had it wright. HC KC was a run and gun play style. Now its HC TDM with tags...


                      MW2(which had just as many HC modes as Core) was the last time we really had HC modes. 3 this game, 4 in the last, and 8 in BOPS1.......


                      I wont play core. I may just start playing other games to find one I like and let COD die.



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                                                                                                                                                                        Unhappy consumer.

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                    Here's a list of how many people are playing these game modes on the Xbox360: HCTDM:15,864 HCKC:12,570, CoreKC:12,001, Cranked:10,744, Blitz:6,282, SnR:8,704, Infected:6,938, Hunted:1,891, FFA:6,510, Team Tac:3,188, Ghosts Mosh Pit:2,324.  YOU CAN NOT TELL ME THAT THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE PLAYING HARDCORE IS THE REASON WE DON'T HAVE PLAYLISTS. IF THIS IS THE REASON THEN TAKE THESE OTHER GAME MODES OUT OF THE GAME. GIVE US HARDCORE DOM AND HC CRANKED AND WE WILL BE HAPPY. STOP SCREWING OVER HC PLAYERS!!

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                      Yeah I agree! Where is the love for the hardcore community? For a few games now it feels like they don't care about us playing their game. We basically have 3 type of team death match game types. I included search and rescue in there since its almost the same as kill confirmed but with bomb sites. Give us some domination and search & destroy. I want a different objective than to collect tags.

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                        Agree, 100%. Same game modes across both Core and Hardcore. Do it!

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                          Seriously, IW keeps showing how much they DON'T Care about the HC community, which does consist of a large portion of the Ghosts / Call of Duty Community. I mean really, you add Search and Destroy buy only to Core. Are you all that idiotic there. Have you really stopped caring about bettering a game for the whole community. Instead you only give a crap about Core? Why - because that's what the MLG does the tournaments on? You're company is a disgrace. This kind of action on your part is what keeps driving more and more people away from CoD and onto other games that don't just care solely about making a profit, but rather about doing something for the whole community that supports their company by buying their game.


                          IW and Activision have turned into crap companies who care nothing more than making a buck. Go back to your roots back when you made a good game; Cod4, because the little Cash-Train path of CoD is coming to an end soon - and I'm going to be there rooting for the opposition, as well as laughing when your installment of CoD bombs because you stopped listening to the players who have kept your company in business for so long...and they finally had enough of your lies and crap products you constantly put out year after year.

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                            Why play HC when to kill in Core is so easy?