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    As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

      and at the risk of sounding cocky, is pretty good with the wiimote, I notice absolutely no difference after the patch. The snap on is gone for sure, but that barely worked and it's only a crutch for bad players, so who cares. But other than that, it's all good in the hood. The Wiimote is at its best right now(Except sniping..pretty plz atreyu? Fix the sniping please ). I like the hipocracy here. "I hate AA, AA is a crutch for bad players, DEATH TO AA!"...and now..."omgz i need my aa!". The whole wiimote vs. DA argument was based around the fact that Wiimote required a bit more skill because the aim assist was basically non existant. If you are a good wiimoter, a REAL WIIMOTER, then you wouldn't be suffering. I'm not, Neither are my allies. If you say wiimote is at a disadvantage atm, then you admit that you relied on AA.



      It seems people want to find stuff to complain about. How about we focus on the real issues here instead of arguing like schoolboys? Because...just take a long, hard look at yourself. The Wiimote community has slowly become this angry child who believes they're the master race. No wonder DA players hate us. Not because we supposedly have an advantage, but because we brag about our 1337 skillz.

      I thought I had seen the worst of these forums when the BO forums were spammed by DLC whiners.


      I was wrong.

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          1. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

          I hope they don't make Wiimote sniping TOO good in game if they fix it

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            2. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

            Your title is extremely condescending. You like not using Aim Assist on Wiimote? Cool for you, you obviously are too cool for Aim Assist. Funny thing is you alone don't make up a whole community, and there are people (less cool than you) that like to use aim assist. Freedom of choice was there from the beginning, now it has been taken away. Now some people are not enjoying their 60€ experience. They are entitled to express themselves.

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              3. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

              pshhh smh but DA's need a crutch right? And that is completely false, saying its at its best right now. Not that I need AA on wiimote because it doesnt need any; only to stand a chance against DA's AA. That's why I used it. ADS tug, snipers, AA while hip and ADS. *sigh* talk about crutch.

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                4. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                So You dont brag about how uba-good you are? but starts off braging about yourself?
                i know wiimote player on top level without Aim Assist and they would never dare to Joke about less talented People.
                The only thing your "LEARN IT OR LEAVE IT" Preach is supporting would be scare off newcomers to the Wiimote.
                You dont just pick it up and beast with it. Everyone needs their own configs and AA on wiimote is weak but still helps the lesser talented ones. I Love Wiimote but i cant put all of my time in being a beast.


                and neither am i as talented as you overlord wiimote gamers.
                I Speak for the Normalo Wiimote Gamer, you speak for the Elite
                and sorry your post ist just cocky. The Headline, the dissing
                if 10 people get shot and 2 survive, will they run arround and tell everyone to shut up its not as bad?
                i think the majority of wiimote user are not top tier. and neither is the da community.
                Thats why AA helps. i would not have praised Ghosts in the Beginning that Wiimote is Awesome.


                I didnt care dying because i had control and could fight decently back for the first time on wii u
                now all i see is gunfights i did win before the patch but now lose, and the black ops 2 feelings come back.


                so please dont say you dont want to be cocky while dissing the not talented players to be pro or go.

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                  5. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                  I have always used wiimote - bought World at War 5 or so years ago - whenever it came out and have bought all later games at release. Having high kill ratios in all cod games prior to introduction of DA controls is proof enough for me that there is a difference between the 2 control types. Of course this is my opinion just as you have yours but its what i believe and the proof to me is in the pudding.

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                    6. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                    Maybe I should explain myself better. I find it funny that these fools who preached about AA being a crutch, a sin, something bad players used, these same people are now complaining that it's gone. I just kind of assumed, since it was safe to assume, that these fools who preached against AA didn't use AA,since, according to them, only bad players used AA. I guess I was wrong.


                    I've had AA turned on for Ghosts(I've always been too lazy to turn it off....I had it on for a month in bo2 before i turned it off around december) Just been too laxy to turn it off. You know what AA on wiimote was? A snapon. A freaking dirty snapon that homed in on people. How is THAT FAIR? Please explain to me how that's fair. That's all AA on wiimote basically was, and now it's gone. People are complaining that their exploit has now been removed, and that ticks me off. It is obvious that the people complaining about the lack of AA are either doing so just because or because they depended on an EXPLOIT.

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                      7. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...
                      Newsflash: Shocking Revelations, former Wiimote Warrior
                      is not a Wiimote Warrior at all.....[this post is a bait]

                        Re: No aim assist on DA controller?

                         Padiego Level 1




                      The AA is fine for me, this is your problem. Try fixing your settings, something must be off, since I'm not experiencing any issues with DA AA. It's weaker than in BO2, but sttill noticeable.

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                        8. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                        You say crutch, I say necessity. The AA on DA is cery weak in Ghosts. AA is NEEDED FOR DA, because DA lacks the precision of a wiimote or a mouse. If AA for DA is weaked even further or removed, wiimote will reign supreme. Is thst what you want? You want the main controller for the console to be at a disadvantage? Cry me a river.

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                          9. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                          Read the other replies.


                          I didn't mean to brag, I just wanted to say that I was able to do just fine with wiimote before and after patch. Sorry if I came off as cocky.

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