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    Looking for a clan/competitive team (Xbox 360)

      I'm looking either for a small clan (less than 20 members) or competitive gaming team that is very active and plays together. I play MW3, Black Ops 2, and will be getting Ghosts. I'm not getting the Xbox One (at least not right away), so I'm looking for clans that are going to continue to be active on the 360.


           In MW3, I have a 1.84 K/D ratio. I tend to be aggressive and rush (avg. 25-30 kills/game in TDM using specialist). I'm really solid with all weapons, particularly SMG's and AR's. I'm also a skilled sniper.


           In Black Ops, I have a 1.21 K/D ratio. I know it's low, but I play champions league almost exclusively and my teammates almost always suck. My gun skill is solid. I tend to play a moderately aggressive, objective role. I usually rush with an SMG, but I can also be very effective playing a little more defensively with an AR or sniper rifle. I know all call outs, spawns, rotations, etc for competitive maps. I'm consistently in platinum division, but I know that with a solid team, I'd be high rank masters easy.


           Ideally, I'm looking for a clan or competitive team that plays a lot of league on Black Ops 2, and will continue to play competitively in Ghosts. I'd love to be on a GB team if possible for Black Ops 2 and Ghosts after it's released. I'm a pretty solid player, I learn and adapt well, and I'm always improving and looking to improve. I have a mic for communicating, and I play in the US Pacific time zone. If anyone has a clan or team that is looking for members, please reply to this post or feel free to message me on XBL at my gamertag: GoldEagleX12


      Thanks for your time.