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    Solid player looking for a clan (Xbox 360)

      I'm a pretty solid player looking for a competitive clan or gaming team. I have been playing CoD since Black Ops 1 and I have some experience in GB. I usually run and gun with an SMG, but I'm very versatile and can play very effectively with AR's and snipers. I have great teamwork skills, communication (callouts, etc.), and a good technical knowledge of CoD. I have played Ghosts on a friends console, but I only just bought it for myself today, so I'm still adjusting to it. I did manage to hold around a 2.0 k/d in the first games I played on it, and that will only improve with time. I have a TurtleBeachX12 headset. Although Ghosts is going to be my main game now, I still play Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, and MW3 on a regular basis as well. Here are some of my stats:


      Black Ops 1: K/D = 3.46, SPM = 321

      MW3: K/D = 2.88, SPM = 300

      Black Ops 2: K/D = 2.47, SPM = 490

      Ghosts: as mentioned above, no exact stats, but somewhere in the 2.0 K/D range just jumping straight in. This will improve with time.


      If anyone is interested in recruiting me for their clan, or starting a team with me, reply to this post or message me at my gamertag: xX MethodzHD Xx