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      Hi there, firstly thanks for taking time to check out .SoLow.'s recruitment page.

      Here you will find out about the clan, our requirements and also how to apply to the clan.

      So lets get started...


      Our name is .SoLow., we are a fast growing, friendly clan based on Xbox 360.

      We have 55+ clan orientated members and still growing. We have a mix of ages and skill levels and all of us are friendly, welcoming and don't criticize because we all just want to have fun and game together as a clan. We are all English speaking but are from various locations so there is nearly always someone to game with.

      .SoLow. are always looking for new members to join the clan to help us grow and progress, we cater for both the casual & competitive gamer and also for the young & older gamer (although we do ask all our members to act grown up and mature, this means NO SQUEAKERS).


      For casual gaming we usually play a mix of hardcore and core games, for Competitive gaming we mainly play to win clan wars.

      We have a gold clan tag and their re many benefits of joining us.


      Unlike most other clans, there is no K/D ratio required as we are a fun based clan that just likes to game, now obviously winning is better as it will help the clan progress faster so a better K/D ratio is preferred but again, not essential.

      If you think your K/D is rubbish please don't be afraid to apply as we do accept and welcome all skill levels and ages, again, as long as you act grown up and mature.

      Join us today and be a part of a fast growing fun and friendly community.


      The clan rules & requirements are all just as important as each other so please CLICK HERE to read them through and be sure to act on them when you join us.



      Clan Co-Leader (you must already own a clan and wish to merge clans with .SoLow.)

      If you have a clan and wish to merge with .SoLow. then the clan leader will automatically become Co-Leaders of .SoLow.

      To merge a clan with .SoLow. just apply as normal and bring your can members with you when you join us, its that simple..

      Members (SOLDIERS)

      We are always looking to recruit new soldiers and today is no exception. A soldier is the heart and sole of the clan and their role is to gun down the opposition, work in a team to complete game objectives and follow the clan requirements. This may sound like a simple role but it is vital to the clan and all of its members. You will be highly valued and may have the chance to become promoted to Clan Co-Leader in the future.


      Before I go into how you can apply, please only send applications if you are going to be grown up and mature.

      To apply to .SoLow. you will need to visit the website: SoLow.tk and submit an application form. (please read the clan requirements before applying)

      Applying is very easy and will only take 2 minuets.

      After you have applied you will be sent a clan request (if successful), you will then need to check the app or your barracks in game to accept the request in order to be part of the clan.

      While your on our website, why not sign up and gain some members only features, this will benefit you as part of a .SoLow. clan member in many ways, being able to connect and interact easily with many of our other members is just one.

      Also, you could sign up to our forum and be part of an even bigger community.


      Thanks again for taking a look at our recruitment page and we hope to see you all join us soon.